The fall knitalong (KAL) is ALMOST HERE and I so hope you'll consider joining me! This KAL will build on what we created last spring, given the continued uncertainty in the world. My goal is to serve you with so much value - bonuses, help sessions and tutorials galore. We'll be upping our virtual community which means more opportunities to share, connect and cheer each other on. Lastly, I'm collaborating with my yoga teachers and a past KAL participant to bring more mindfulness practices to you. My hope is that by creating, connecting and taking time out for ourselves during this hard moment in history, we'll be able to cope just a little better and have a whole lot of fun too! Details below.


In the next video, coming out on Friday, you'll get more info into the exact yarns and designs, shown above. I will have an accompanying blog post with color options, fit and pricing details so that if you decide to pick your style and color in advance, you can! This is also a great opportunity for you to email us any questions that might come up. We are happy to help with custom color ways. If you want to peruse the winning styles in more detail know, click here.


I so hope you'll consider joining in. Let me know in the comments what you might be up for knitting and what it would feel like to complete a knitting project that filled you with a feeling of confidence, joy and creativity. I am so excited for it!

Hugs ~ Amy