Hello friends! I'm so excited to share the fall knitalong design winners with you today - chosen by you by popular vote! Our knitalong is slated to begin just about two weeks time. In the midst of pandemic month number 7, with no real end in site, it feels like the perfect time to come together and knit in community - virtually. So without further ado - here are the winners AND the FOUR BONUS patterns you'll get when you sign up. Next week I'll kick off my intro video series where you'll get to learn more about our KALs and what sets this one apart....it's a lot and we're upping our game from last spring too. I'd love to hear what style you plan on making in the comments below and of course if you have any Qs. Keep in mind that all you really need to know to join in is the knit and purl stitches. We will teach you the rest in our online classes that are yours forever! To be the first to know the details, sign up here.


Style #1 (with the most votes!): The Plaid Party Cardi

I especially love the bohemian spin on a plaid pattern in this style. We'll mix together all of the yarns to create this pretty knitted fabric. The cardi is knit seamlessly from the bottom up. The plaid stitch looks tricky but it's actually a simple slipped stitch pattern. We'll pick up stitches for the sleeves and use short rows to shape your shoulders. This (and all of these patterns!) will come in a large size range - this sweater will come in ten sizes. 

Plaid Party Cardi Knit Collage Fall knitalong 2020


Style #2: The Flower Power Cardi

The Flower Power Cardi is wearable art and packs a style punch! In this style we will master and conquer the intarsia colorwork technique. Instead of knitting with two yarns at a time, like we typically do in colorwork, we'll knit with one yarn at a time to create large areas (the flowers!) of contrast colors. This sweater is knit all in one piece in a simple cardigan design. The treat is knitting the flowers and choosing which yarns you want to go where. 

Flower Power Cardi Knit Collage Fall knitalong 2020

Flower Power Cardi Knit Collage Fall knitalong 2020


Style #3: Kaleidoscope Sweater - Stripe and Solid

This style is ideal for beginners or anyone who wants to have fun with mixing yarns, textures and colors together. I have knit 7 now and each one is completely different from the last. This style comes in 9 sizes and is knit top down, making it easy to customize to fit you well too. The solid option (shown last here) is the most beginner friendly KAL option. If anyone is thinking of conquering a sweater for the very first time, this is the one for you!


Style 4:  Plaidtastic Scarf

The Plaidtastic Scarf is simple a scarf version of the cardi shown above. If you have less time to commit to knitting but still want to join in, this might be a great option for you! Once you master the plaid stitch, you're off to the races. This style is a ton of fun for yarn mixing too....and those tassels!


Bonus Pattern #1: Glow Girl Cardi

This style lost in the popular vote by a hair but it did get MY vote! I'm excited to knit this. In this pattern, you'll knit a simple chevron stripe, mixing in skeins of our embellished Daisy Chain and Dreamland yarns as you go. I especially love the zig zag stripe on the hood.


 Bonus Pattern #2: The Kaleidoscope Cardi

This style goes hand in hand with the Kaleidoscope Sweater and we like to offer the cardi version along with it. Are you more of a cardigan person? This one is for you! Try it striped or solid. 

Kaleidoscope Cardi Knit Collage

Kaleidoscope Cardi Knit Collage


Bonus Style #3: Dreamland Cardi

This style uses our Dreamland yarn only. It's a very basic, beginner pattern that is really all about the yarn!


Bonus Pattern #4: The Plaidtastic Hat 

This is perfect for any leftover yarn from your larger project or one single minis skein kit.

Ok I think that is it!!! I'm so excited to share more about our upcoming knitalong next week in a three part video series! Stay tuned. To be the first to know the details, sign up here.

Thank you!