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Tuesday April 09, 2019

My big WHY & how to join in the knitalong!

posted by: Amy Small

Hi friends! I LOVED hearing about what styles you're most interested in. I just returned from an amazing weekend away at a business conference. I thought it would be just that but woah, it's hard to put into words. What it made me realize and feel a deeper connection to is my big why: why I do this business, why I care so much about making and how it has changed me. This video  sums it up pretty well. I also dive into exact how to sign up and join the me.

That sums it up! If you'd like to learn more about Palna House, visit their website here


The kits will go live here on Thursday, April 11th at 8am EST and stay available for one week only. The patterns will only be available for this week, through the knitalong, until I release them in about a year from now. We are low on the Wildflower in the newer colors, and neutrals always fly out the door, so I encourage you to place your order sooner to make sure you get the color you want. I am so excited for this one friends! Getting in touch with the bigger reason behind why I do it all was so powerful and it just makes me want share it all with you too.  Thank you so much for tuning in.

Biggest hugs,


Friday April 05, 2019

Spring Knitalong ~ Style Details

posted by: Amy Small

Hi friends! I’m excited to share more style, color, fit and pricing details for our upcoming knitalong with you today. In the video below I walk you through the yarn and style info for each of the 4 chosen KAL designs as well as what you can expect to learn while knitting them. After the video, I dive into fit, pricing and color details.


Ok, let’s hop to it. Please keep in mind that we have a newish way to pay on my site, called Afterpay. It allows you to pay in 3 interest free increments rather than 100% all at once. There is no extra interest or cost, just an alternative way to pay. I discovered this to be very helpful as a payment method on some of my favorite sites, especially as I think about furnishing a new home and use it all the time! This is available for US residents only at this time. 


Please also keep in mind that we will be teaching you everything you need to know to knit your piece from start to finish in the video tutorials as well. If these styles feel complicated, not to worry, we got you! If you stick to my rough schedule, which is totally achievable (big needles help!) you will complete your design in 6 weeks time or less!  If these prices seem high to you, I’d like to reiterate that there is so much that comes along with this KAL than just your yarn and a pattern. The tutorials are a labor of love that I have tediously worked away on to make our best, most detailed videos to date. If you're newer to knitting, you'll leave feeling more confident and ready to tackle a more challenging projects and unique yarns. When you buy just one kit, you will have access to all 4 of the patterns and their relevant course videos, plus the bonus Beachy Cardi pattern I decided to throw in just for fun, since so many of you wanted that one! 


The Garden Party Sweater

Garden Party Knit Collage Knitalong Sweater

This sweater is a loose fitting cardi knit with our Spun Cloud and 5 different Wildflower yarns in a gorgeous pointelle chevron stripe. It will be offered in a huge range of colors because putting these options together is my most favorite thing ever!  More photos and all the colorway options available to view here.

The scoop:

Three Sizes: XS/S (M/L, XL/XXL)

Finished measurements:

Bust: 36 (42, 56)”/91.5 (106.5, 142)cm

Length: 32 (32, 34)”/81.5, 81.5, 86.5)cm      

Fit note: This sweater is intended to have about 4” to 6” of positive ease at the bust. The model is wearing a size M/L and has a 36” bust. I recommend most people knit the M/L size. At an event last weekend, many people tried this one on and it looked fantastic on every single person, all different body types. If you are larger than a 36” bust but prefer less positive ease, I recommend going with the M/L as well. Reach out if you have fit questions!


Sizes XS/S and M/L: $248 (these 2 sizes use the same amount of yarn)

Size XL/XXL: $308


Constellation Shawl

Knit Collage Constellation Shawl Knitalong Kit

In this beautiful shawl, we mix our Spun Cloud yarn with our brand spanking new Wildflower Mini Skein Sampler Kits. The design is a mix of airy criss cross stitches and stripes in my favorite crescent shape. The sampler kits will be released on the day the knitalong kits go live so you will have first pick and try of these beauties. This shawl is also the fastest to knit if that is something you’d prefer. Style photos and color options here.

Sizes: One size fits all

Finished measurements:

Length of outer edge (final garter row) = approximately 73”/185cm

Width at middle point = approximately 14”

Fit note: This drapes across the shoulders gracefully. If you like a shawl pin to cinch things together, this would be an ideal style for one of those! I love these ones.

Pricing: $108


Sunwoven Tank

Knit Collage Sunwoven Tank Pattern

In the Sunwoven Tank, I again collaborated with Erin Barrett of Sunwoven Studios. Her weavings are what set this design into motion. This pattern combines our Spun Cloud yarn, our Wildflower yarn and one of our regular Mini Skein Sampler Kits. I love the open drop stitch back detail and the creativity you have here to play with color and yarn! I had a lot of fun figuring out the different color options for this style and cannot wait for you to take a look. Style photos and color options here

Three Sizes: XS/S (M/L, XL/XXL)

Finished measurements:

Bust: 38 (46, 54)”/96.5 (117, 137)cm

Length: 18 (20, 22)”/45.5 (51, 56)cm in length from shoulder

Fit note: This style is intended to have 2”-6” of positive ease. The model is wearing size XS/S and has a bust measurement of 34”. I like this one a little loose as well since tight can get a little toasty in summer. The fit is very easy. It is completely up to you if you want to drop stitches in the back – we do that last so you are free to opt out very easily. The turtleneck is also optional.


XS/S: $138, M/L: $168, XL/XXL: $198


Floret Cardi

Knit Collage Floret Cardi Knitalong Kit

The Floret Cardi is our answer to the more sophisticated among you that prefer not to mix all the yarns together! We just use our Wildflower cotton yarn here which is so much fun to knit with if you’ve never before. This style features a fun macramé edge border that is totally optional – but highly recommended! More style photos and color options to view here.  

5 Sizes: Small (Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge)

Finished measurements:

Bust: 38 (42, 46, 50, 54)"/96.5 (106.5, 117, 127, 137)cm

Length: 21 (21.5, 23, 23.5, 25)”/53.5 (54.5, 58.5, 59.5, 61.5)cm

Fit note: This style is slightly more fitted that the other sweaters featured in the knitalong but still very easy and loose fitting. The style is intended to have 2-6” of positive ease. The model is a size 34” bust and is wearing the size Small. 


S: $238, M and L: $248 (they both use the same amount of yarn), XL: $258, XXL: $298


That is all she wrote friends! Please reach out with any questions at all. We are able to do custom color kits for you if you like. We are available for any fit, yarn questions too. For all of these styles, just a basic knowledge of knitting is needed: how to knit, purl, cast on and cast off. I so hope you'll consider joining in! The kits go live at 8am on Thursday April 11th EST and will be available for one week only. Then we get knitting :)

Big hugs ~ Amy


Tuesday April 02, 2019

Intro to the Spring Knitalong ~ Part 1

posted by: Amy Small

The spring knitalong is ALMOST HERE and I so hope you'll consider joining me! It really is the place where all the things I love in the world get together and have a big love session/party! This time around, we've made a lot of effort to dig into the details to make your experience the best it can be too...always learning and growing! Watch the video below for the full scoop.

Knit Collage Spring Knitalong

In the next video, coming out on Saturday, you'll get more info into the exact yarns and designs, shown above. I will have an accompanying blog post with color options, fit and pricing details so that if you decide to pick your style and color in advance, you can! This is also a great opportunity for you to email us any questions that might come up. We are happy to help with custom color ways. 


I so hope you'll consider joining in. It really is the place all the things I love in the world get together and have a big love session/party! Let me know in the comments below if you're up for joining and if you have any questions for me. Feel free to email me at amy@knitcollage.com as well. Hope you're up for it! 

Hugs ~ Amy

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