Hi guys! Welcome back to week 3! How are we are almost to the finish line??? It's gone by so quickly. It's been a blast re-knitting these favorites in new colorways and dissecting so many of the steps I do without even thinking. Today we'll dive into blocking your finished piece. I decided to slow down a week based on your feedback, so we'll get to weaving the Pixie Dust yarn and adding fringe next week. I noticed that this piece DOES take a long time to dry, so we could probably use the extra time anyway. It's all a cinch to do and I'm excited to guide you through these final project steps. As always holler if you need help :)


Video 4: Blocking


* I knit 5 repeats of the pattern (rows 2-11) and cast off on the next row -  row 2 of the pattern in the purl stitch as the pattern calls for. Remember you can cast off on any row of the pattern, just make sure you cast off purl-wise.


* Tools you'll need: blocking boards (I like these) or a towel folded over double, T pins (see pic below), measuring tape, a spray bottle or cup full of water.

* When we block in knitting, we set our finished knit pieces into the correct shape the pattern calls for or the shape we want the design to be. For this pattern, the finished measurements should be 25" deep at center point and 75" wide along cast off edge. If you decided to knit yours shorter or longer, then your measurements will simply be whatever you want, and of course that's what makes knitting so great...customization is so easy!

* Use your measuring tape to pin your finished pieces into the correct size square on your blocking board or towel, stretching your piece out slightly as you go so that the yarn over 'holes' start to pop.

* I prefer lightly blocking (as shown in the video) with our bulky yarns. If you get your finished piece too wet, it will take days to dry. Even when it's lightly flicked or sprayed with water, it will take some time to dry.

* Wait to weave in your Pixie Dust yarn and add your fringe until your shawl is totally dry.


* Below are photos of what my finished piece looks like completely pinned into place. You can see that I had to use towels on the ends because it is too long for my blocking boards. It's GIANT!


That's it for this week guys! Next week I'll show you how to weave in that Pixie Dust yarn and add fringe. I'm going to give you a few different options/ideas here - we are going off pattern - stay tuned! The customization part is a total blast. Lastly, if you missed the prize info, click on last week's post here to find out more.