Hi friends! I hope you've had a wonderful week diving into your Dash Shawl. I cannot wait to see all the different colorways come to life. I managed to get through 3 total repeats of the pattern and have found this pattern to be so soothing to knit. It just flows for me, how about you? Here's what we'll go over today: we'll review stitch counts, how to tell if the yarn over holes you've knit look correct, customizing your shawl length and lastly casting off. Let's get started :)

Dash Shawl Video 3

Things to keep in mind:

* After row 11, you'll have 26 stitches on your needles

* After repeating rows 2-11 again (two times), you'll have 46 stitches on your needles

* After repeating rows 2-11 a third time, you'll have 66 stitches on your needles. This is where I am. My shawl measures about 13.5" now, so a little more than halfway done. 

* I plan to repeat rows 2-11 about two more times, for a total of 5 repeats or until the width of my shawl measures 25".

* If you want your shawl shorter and smaller than this, consider casting off sooner than me according to what you like best. If you want it larger, keep knitting in the stitch of the pattern!

* You can cast off after any row of the pattern - it doesn't have to be after row 11 - just whenever your shawl is your desired length.

* Remember to cast off purl-wise as the pattern says.

* It's important that the yarn over holes you created throughout the pattern line up in a subtle zig zag pattern. This is a little tricky to see before you've blocked your piece. The holes zig zag by 1 stitch horizontally - see video and below detail photos for reference. I encourage you to make sure these yarn over holes look correct. Next week, we'll lace our Pixie Dust yarn through them to finish our shawl. It really does affect the total look of the shawl if they're not lining up correctly.

If you can try to finish up knitting the shawl portion and cast off. If you need more time to get there, let me know and I can slow down a little! I appreciate all the feedback and just want your projects to be a success.


If you're unsure how to bind off, here's a great video to watch. Just keep in mind that we'll be binding off in purl stitches, not knit stitches as shown there.  


Last but not least, let's talk about prizes. I briefly touched on this last week. I think the prize should go to the person who looks to happiest/most triumphant/excited about their pillow. So the photo has to be a selfie, with either the finished shawl or the yarn/knitting in progress and tagged with #knitcollageKAL . It doesn't have to be silly but it totally could be. It could just be you all blissed out and cozy with it. I'll pick a winner at the end AND the prize will be any 2 skeins of yarn of your choice!


Good luck and thank you so much for joining me on this knitalong! Please continue to share your work on social media with #knitcollageKAL and #knitcollage I love seeing these so darn much :)

xoxo ~ Amy

My piece so far ~