Hi Amulet Shawl knitters! I hope you're having a wonderful week. I'm gearing up for my last day in Boston and leave for India tomorrow. If you're interested, follow along in our Facebook group or on Instagram!


This week for the shawl is just a check in week to make sure your short row stripes are coming along A OK. Next week we dive into the lace border portion and the final week will be a few tips on the best way to block your shawl. If you missed last week's video on how to knit the short rows, head on over to that blog post. The main question that seems to be popping up is, is that long yarn strand/float in between the yarn stripes Ok and correct? It is. You are doing it right! I have included a pic of what mine looks like below so that you can compare as well as a few more progress shots of my shawl. I know this is the most slow paced of the KAL projects, if you want to race ahead, please feel free. If you're behind, not to worry! I'm around until every person finish theirs and is happy with it :) This week try to complete the short row shaping and we'll meet back here next week for a tutorial on how to knit the lace portion of your shawl.