Hi there! We are back with week 2's tutorial for the Amulet Shawl. I hope you've been chugging away on the gauge swatch and cast on edge. If you're still waiting on yarn or simply plan to take this at a slower pace, not to worry. I'll be around to help until every person is happy with their finished project. Ok let's dive into this week's 2 part video. 

Key takeaways from this video:

* I give you an overview of what the rows we'll be knitting (really it's purling!) so that you can see what your finished shawl should look like and what we're working towards. Then I knit the first 3 rows of the pattern with you. 

* I show you have to switch between your 2 yarns, the Spun Cloud and Cast Away. You will not cut the yarn at anytime, simple complete the rows as the pattern states and when it's time to switch yarns, pick that yarn back up. This is a great method because we don't have to weave in many ends after our shawls are finished.

* I also show you how to create the short rows by turning your work and slipping the first stitch. 

This is a longer video but everything we learn is super simple. If we lose you at all, please don't hesitate to reach out in the groups, blog comments of via email (amy@knitcollage.com). This week, try to get through about half of short row striping - to about row 12 or so. Next week we'll circle back and check in on your progress with these stripes. In 2 weeks time on Nov. 15th, I'll show you how to knit the pretty lace border with another tutorial video. 

Thanks so much for participating! ~ Amy