Knit Collage is seeking an online knitting/crochet course instructor. Our company is customer and creativity focused. We inspire our customers through unique yarns, knitting/crochet patterns and community events where we teach new techniques and knit/crochet together. In this role you will film instructional knitting/crochet videos of our patterns for our online course library. 

Responsibilities include: 

1) Knitting or crocheting an entire piece from start to finish

a. Identifying course outline from a pattern with roughly 6-8 weeks of content totaling approximately 25-35 videos per pattern
b. Ability to translate a knitting/crochet pattern into easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction suitable for a beginner.
c. Ability to complete project and accompanying videos within deadlines

    2) Filming short-format instructional videos (ranging from 3-15 min each)

    a. Clear, concise, encouraging languaging
    b. Work area that benefits from bright, natural light and large enough to accommodate approx 3ft x 3ft table for filming
    c. iPhone or similar, to record videos both instructor-facing and overhead orientation
    d. Ability to upload videos to shared Dropbox folder when complete
    e. Ability to work with a video editor who will finesse and finalize videos with you

    You are:

    • An experienced knitter / crocheter
    • Detail-oriented
    • Fantastic communicator and motivator
    • Organized and self-directed
    • Excited about teaching others from all skill levels

    Desired Skills, Experience

    • Previous instruction experience whether in-person, virtual or pre-recorded
    • Advanced proficiency with knitting and crocheting
    • Ability to show techniques in both continental and English style knitting
    • Familiarity with Knit Collage yarn, patterns, voice and our online course library is a plus

    The candidate will receive all necessary crafting materials to knit / crochet the pattern, excluding iPhone (or similar) and computer with internet capability, to complete videos. If you are interested in this position, please send in a short format sample video detailing gauge from this Knit Collage hat pattern. Your video should be on gauge and assume that the viewer is a complete beginner. If possible, please film the sample video in the location you would be working from. In the overhead sample video, please describe and show techniques as they are written in the pattern. Sample videos do not need to be using Knit Collage yarn. If you are not familiar with our online courses and you would like to see and listen to examples, please email for access - we highly recommend doing this! Screenshots of desired orientation included below. 


    Overhead (landscape orientation; bright, natural light; hands, project and necessary supplies visible at all times)

    Overhead landscape orientation screenshot of online course


    Optional: Instructor-facing (landscape orientation; bright, natural light; simple background)

    Instructor-facing landscape orientation screenshot online course content

    Knit Collage is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to fostering an inclusive place for all to thrive. If this position makes you want to do a happy dance, please apply. We are excited to grow our team with people who want to make the world a craftier place, and we welcome all candidates who share that vision. We are not 100% sure on the time commitment yet - we need two to three classes filmed for our upcoming spring knitalong. Beyond that, we're not sure yet! It will evolve and as the potential to grow into a larger role. 


    Please email your video, resume and a cover letter to for consideration.