Meet the Diamond Crop Sweater! This design is intricate, feminine, airy and a wee bit fashion forward with that cropped body length. It was in the running for the spring knitalong and lost by a hair to our other three winners. In the video below, I outline how this sweater is knit and what makes it so darn special. After the video, I've listed out all the yarn and sizing info. There are many ways to knit and customize this design to your liking...and most definitely you can knit this baby longer without a problem! The pattern will go live on Wednesday, July 24th. Please sign up for my email list to be the first to know!

Style Details:

This pattern is written for two style options. Option one is with the Spun Cloud or Sister yarn front and the Wildflower yarn back. Option two is with all over Wildflower. If you choose to do two different Wildflower yarn colors for the front and back, that would also work beautifully. 


40 (48, 56)”/101.5 (122, 142)cm
Length to Shoulder: 13 (16, 19)”/33 (44, 48)cm

Length to Underarm: 4 (6, 8)”/10 (15, 20) cm

For the Spun Cloud (or Sister yarn) front/ Wildflower back Version:
Spun Cloud or Sister (100% Wool, approx. 100yds/200g): 1 (2, 2) skein(s)

Wildflower (100% Cotton, 60yds/70g): 2 (3, 4) skeins

For the Wildflower front/ Wildflower back Version:

Wildflower (100% Cotton, 60yds/70g): 4 (6, 8) skeins


Size 15 (10mm), 16”/41cm long circular needle
Size 17 (12mm), 32”/81.5cm long circular needles
Two size 17 (12mm) double-pointed needles (DPN) or 2 cable needles (CN)