I’m excited to share all of the styles, color, fit and pricing details for our upcoming make-along (MAL) with you today. In the video below, I walk you through the yarn, how it is made and by whom, how and where I teach and design info for all of the main and bonus styles. There's a lot! After the video, I dive into fit, pricing and color details in the blog post below. If you like, you can peruse all the color options early too!

Remember I teach you everything you need to know to knit or crochet your piece from start to finish in the video tutorials. If these styles feel complicated, not to worry, we got you!  If you stick to my rough schedule, which is totally achievable, you will complete your design in 6 weeks time or less.  Many past participants knit their very first sweater with us. If these prices seem high to you, please remember that there is so much more that comes along with this MAL than just your yarn and a pattern. The tutorials are a labor of love that I work so hard on - we have over 60 videos in total across all the designs! They are yours forever to come back to anytime. Designing, tech editing and testing each pattern takes a small village - especially the sweaters which all include 9+ sizes. We also offer lots of opportunities for you to get help on zoom, within our facebook and discord communities when you need it. When you buy just one kit, you will have access to all 3 of the patterns and their relevant course videos, plus all of the bonus patterns (see below!).


You can view all the color options and detailed design photos here. Fit, size and pricing details listed out below!


Please keep in mind we have two different ways to pay on the site, called Shop Pay and Afterpay. These options allow you to pay in 3 -4 interest free increments rather than 100% all at once. There is no extra interest or cost, just an alternative way to pay. I discovered this to be very helpful as a payment method on some of my favorite sites. 


 Dumpling Bag by Vanessa Reyes

The Dumpling Bucket Bag is a design born from an utmost love of bags, crochet, and the unique Knit Collage Wildflower yarn. With a classic, yet fun boho vibe, this bag is an excellent project for both a seasoned crocheter or an avid beginner. Make one for yourself or gift one to a crochet-worthy friend. This bag is sure to be your new favorite accessory and in your wardrobe rotation all season long! If you've never crocheted this would be the perfect project to learn! We have a Crochet 101 class that we'll include so you that can learn and master crochet.

Tap the link here to check out our Ravelry page for this style and see the Dumpling Crochet Bag!

Yarn option - solid: Wildflower

Yarn option - Mixed Yarns: Wildflower Mini Skein Kit

Solid Wildflower Option: $148

Mixed Yarn Wildflower Mini Skein Option: $208

The straps, bag bottom, rivets and cord are not included in the yarn kit. In your make-along kit, you'll receive just the yarn and the notions bag. Here is a link to our recommendations on where to get those extras, click here for a simple excel sheet with ideas!


Everyday Yay Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

The Everyday Yay Cardi is a go-to cardigan to wear with just about everything in your wardrobe! Worked seamlessly from the top down, this cardigan has a simple raglan construction with a relaxed fit. There is an optional embroidery element along with faux crochet buttons for anyone who would like to make this cardigan truly one-of-a-kind. It is the perfect project for beginner knitters or for anyone who would like to make their first sweater.

Tap the link here to check out our Ravelry page for this style and see the Everyday Yay Cardi on a range of beautiful bodies!

Sizes:  1 (2, 3, 4, 5)[6, 7, 8, 9]

Finished Measurements:

33 (37.25, 39.25, 43.75, 48)[52.25, 56.5, 60.75, 65]” / 82.5 (93, 98, 109.5, 120)[130.5, 141.5, 152, 162.5] cm finished chest circumference

Fit Note:

Recommended to be worn with 1-5” / 2.5-12.5 cm of positive ease at the chest, depending on your preferred fit. This cardigan has a relaxed fit and it is recommended to look at all finished measurements before choosing a size. Size 2 sample is shown on a 32” / 80 cm chest with 5.25” / 13 cm of positive ease, and Size 3 sample is shown on a 38” / 95 cm chest with 1.25” / 3 cm of positive ease.

Yarn used for solid version: Spun Cloud

Yarn used for the embroidered version: Spun Cloud + Wildflower Mini Skein Sampler Kit

Solid Cardi Pricing:

Sizes 1 and 2: $128

Sizes 3 and 4: $158

Sizes 5 and 6: $198

Sizes 7 and 8: $228

Size 9: $258

Embroidered Cardi Pricing:

Sizes 1 and 2: $188

Sizes 3 and 4: $228

Sizes 5 and 6: $268

Sizes 7 and 8: $298

Size 9: $328


 Faye Fringe Bag by Anna Skala

The Faye Fringe Bag is a fabulous accessory, worked in a gorgeous mix of yarns using a unique textured stitch. This soft structured bag can be carried by the top handle or as a clutch and adds a splash of color to any outfit! It is a perfect project for experimenting with color, texture, and fringe!

Tap the link here to check out our Ravelry page for this style and see the Faye Fringe Bag!

Yarn used: Spun Cloud, Daisy Chain and Wildflower Mini Skein Kit

Bag Width (without fringe) = 17” / 42.5 cm

Bag Height = 12.25” / 30.5 cm

Faye Fringe Bag Pricing: $148


Bonus Designs: 

Wisteria Shawl by Emma Janet

The Wisteria Wrap is a free flowing and thoughtful design, combining brioche lace with alternating colors. A gentle wave forms throughout the wrap as the maker works up the repeating botanical design. This wrap is worked in one piece using five unique colors on two different yarn bases, Serenity and Wildflower.

Tap the link here to check out our Ravelry page for this style and see the Wisteria Wrap!

Finished Measurements:

Width:  14” / 35 cm and Length:  61” / 152.5 cm

Yarns used: Serenity in two different colors, Wildflower In three different colors

Wisteria Shawl Pricing: $168 


Maisie Crochet Cardi by Jo Wadler

The Maisie Crochet Cardi is a colorful, timeless garment with a vintage feel. Designed with an oversized fit, this cardigan is formed entirely by large granny squares using a mix of many yarn. Granny squares are perfect for beginner crocheters and the possibilities for them are endless. They are also so fun to make, making this a quick pattern and something you will enjoy creating in different color combos to go with everything in your wardrobe!

Tap the link here to check out our Ravelry page for this style and see the Maisie Crochet Cardi on a range of beautiful bodies!

In this design, size 1 uses four contrast colors, size 2 uses five contrast colors and sizes 3-4 used six contrast colors. There will be a different product listing for size 1, size 2 and sizes 3-4 when we go live on Wednesday. Feel free to ask questions below in you have them.

Sizes:  1 (2, 3, 4)

Finished Measurements:

44 (53, 62, 70)” / 110 (132.5, 155, 175) cm finished chest circumference

22 (26.5, 31, 35)” / 55 (66.5, 77.5, 87.5) cm finished sleeve circumference

Fit Note:

To fit chest circumferences:
32-38 (41-47, 50-56, 58-64)” / 80-95 (102.5-117.5, 125-140, 145-160) cm Recommended to be worn with 6-12” / 15-30 cm of positive ease at the chest, depending on your preferred fit. Sample is shown in Size 1 on a 32” / 80 cm chest with 12” / 30 cm of positive ease.

Yarns used: 

Main Color: Spun Cloud

CC1: Wildflower

CC2 through CC6: Spun Cloud in all different colors

Maisie Crochet Cardi Pricing:

Size 1: $298

Size 2: $418

Sizes 3: $518

Sizes 4: $598


Sunnyside Shawl by Cheryl Kubat

The Sunnyside Shawl is a fresh way to sow springtime into your wardrobe. It starts with a simple garter stitch ground on which to sprinkle colorful, crochet flowers. Then, plant some fringe along the bottom of the shawl, and you’ll have a wearable garden inspired statement accessory!

Tap the link here to check out our Ravelry page for this style and see the Sunnyside Shawl!

Finished Measurements:

Width (from tip to tip) - 74” / 185 cm   

Center Depth - 31” / 77.5 cm 

Yarns used: Spun Cloud Light in three colors, one main color and two contrast colors for the flowers

Sunnyside Shawl Pricing: $188


Enchanted Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

A cardigan perfect for every modern-day fairy tale, the Enchanted Cardi is a seamless V-neck cardigan worked from the top down in a modified tuck stitch rib pattern. It has shapely lines throughout to add dimension and accentuate all bodies. German short rows are used to create a linear effect along the shoulders. There are choices for long and short puff sleeves or short cap sleeves, along with an applied front and neck edging with an option for buttonholes. This cardigan is perfect for bridging the gap between the dream world and real life. The Enchanted Cardi Kit comes with enough yarn to make your sweater long sleeve.

Tap the link here to check out our Ravelry page for this style and see the Enchanted Cardi on a range of beautiful bodies!

Sizes:  1 (2, 3, 4, 5)[6, 7, 8, 9]

Finished Measurements:

34.5 (37.75, 41.25, 45.25, 48.75)[51.25, 56.25, 59.75, 64]” / 86.5 (94.5, 103, 113, 122)[128, 140.5, 149.5, 160] cm finished chest circumference

Fit Note:

Recommended to be worn with 0-4” / 0-10 cm of positive ease at the chest, depending on your preferred fit. The long puff sleeve sample is shown in a Size 2 on a 32” / 80 cm chest with 5.75” / 14.5 cm of positive ease, the short puff and the short cap sleeve samples are both shown in a Size 3 on a 38” / 95 cm chest with 3.25” / 8 cm of positive ease.

Yarn used: Serenity

Enchanted Cardi Pricing:

Size 1: $168

Sizes 2 and 3: $198

Sizes 4 through 6: $228

Sizes 7 and 8: $268

Size 9: $298


AND LASTLY....the Briar Rose Sweater by Vanessa Reyes

The Briar Rose is another bonus pattern we're adding into the mix this MAL. The pattern is still in the works and as soon as it's ready for prime time, you'll get it for free when you sign up for the MAL. Along with it will come a 20% discount code to use on the site. My hope is that this can be the project we continue on with as a next step after we finish our first projects together. I could not possibly love this pattern any more. 


Also like we offered in the fall, we'll be giving a way a few make-along scholarships to those that are just unable to join in. You can email us at anytime (hello@knitcollage.com) to put your name on that list, no questions asked. If you wish to donate a kit to someone who wants to join in but can't, we'll have a way to do that too. We'll match any gift that is given so that your donation goes twice as far. Recipients are chosen completely at random - in previous MALs we've donated around 14 kits!


Lastly, the virtual option will be $88. With this option you get all seven of these patterns, 3 teachable classes yours forever (Dumpling Bag, Faye Fringe Bag and Everyday Yay) bonus patterns, community via zoom, IG and FB and the few fun special events!


That is all she wrote friends! Please reach out with any questions at all and let me know in the comments below what you're thinking of making! We are able to do custom color kits for you if you like - although they will have to be placed on the phone to ensure we have the colors and inventory you would like as we are low on some of our yarns. Join me on Instagram Saturday, April 29th at 1pm ET to go deep into each design. I will also be live on zoom and available to answer any Qs at 1pm ET (link here to join or use the meeting ID: 869 5372 6970)


The kits go live on Wednesday, May 3rd at 10am ET and will be available for one week only. Last time we sold out of many colors within hours, so I encourage you to use this post to help decide early. We have very little in our new Wildflower yarn colors. Then we get knitting and crocheting :) 


Biggest Hugs ~ Amy