Hi friends! I am so incredibly excited to share the frontrunners for our upcoming spring knitalong. I've narrowed it down to six finalist styles and hope to chose the top three from the popular vote. Please take three minutes to fill out this survey to have your voice heard! If more than one style is calling to you, I'd love to know which ones you like best in the comments here. More detail photos below on each of the styles as well. Like previous KAL's I'm thinking of weaving into the content some of the subjects I talk about on the podcast but in a different, fresh way. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on this in the survey too!


                                              Spring Knitalong Survey


The Chevron Pointelle Cardi

This one is a mix of our cotton Wildflower yarn and wooly Spun Cloud knit up in an open pointelle/chevron stitch. This would be a great option for anyone who wants to try knitting a sweater for the first time!


The Criss Crossy Shawl

This pretty little number combines the new mini skein kits that only have Wildflower yarn in them and our Spun Cloud yarn. I love the open criss cross stitch and mix of all those different Wildflower colors. 


The Float On Cardi

A sweet little cardi knit in our Wildflower yarn with an intricate macrame edge detail. This is another great option for friends that have never tackled a sweater before.


Beachy Mixed Stitch Cardi

In this style, I mixed stitches and yarns to create an airy spring cardi. I'm partial to this one!


Sunwoven Tank

This tank is a style I designed with Erin Barrett of Sunwoven, inspired by one of her incredible weavings! The front side features mixed stitches and yarn, even a little colorwork. In back, we knit a simple stripe with a center drop stitch detail. This is a super fun one because you're able to easily change up the pattern to make it exactly how you want it to be!


Saturday Sweater

 I love this sweater because it is so everyday and there are a bunch of yarns you can knit it with as well as ways to customize it. It is a bit wintery for a spring knitalong though. Let me know what you think!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I'd love to hear what you like in the survey and in the comments below and most of all I so hope you'll consider joining me this spring! The knitalong kits are slated to go live April 11th.

Big hugs ~ Amy