The Spring make-along is almost here and in today's video I'm excited to share what these make-along are all about. I dive deep into my big why behind my business and these community making events. It's not just about the yarn or the knitting. They are tools we can use to come back to our authentic creative selves. Beyond that, leaning into knitting, and crochet helps us feel more relaxed, peaceful and confident too..but the list goes on! This make-along experience is all about helping you develop a consistent making practice so that you feel these awesome benefits. The make-along process works so well that we keep doing it over and over again – twice a year and now we are on number 15! All the details in the video right here:

In the next video coming out on Friday, I’ll go into all the fun, creative details of each of our four designs plus share more about our unique yarns – how they are made and by whom. Along with that video, will be a detailed blog post where I’ll share exact size, color and pricing details.


On Friday, I am excited to share a free online knitting workshop with you! You can use these skills in this make-along or use to master any project you choose! To sign up to access this free video course, click the link here: 


Free Online Knitting Workshop


Inside this workshop, I'll have video tutorials on How to Read a Pattern, How to Choose a Size, and more out there (but no less useful!) a video on Intuitive, Flow State Knitting to get your juices flowing on unleashing your inner Creative. I so hope you'll consider joining in.


Let me know in the comments what it would feel like to complete a knitting or crochet project that filled you with confidence, joy and creativity. I am so excited for it! AND If you are a beginner knitter or crocheter, this is for you. Our team plus the video tutorials are there to guide and support you. When you're starting out, you need the most help and support - that's what our MALs are all about!