Hello friends! I'm so excited to share the Spring make-along design winners with you today - chosen by you by popular vote! And yes I said MAL, not KAL because there will be CROCHET. Hooray! Our make-along, is slated to begin in just about two weeks time. So without further ado - here are the winners AND the FOUR BONUS patterns you'll get when you sign up (there may be a surprise one or two coming at you later as well...!). Next week I'll kick off my intro video series where you'll get to learn more about our make-alongs and what sets this one apart....and I've got a few new things up my sleeve too! I'd love to hear what style you plan on making in the comments below and of course if you have any questions. Keep in mind that all you really need to know to join in is the knit and purl stitches and basic crochet stitches. We will teach you the rest in our online classes that are yours forever! All sweaters will fit a large size range from 34" to 70" bust sizes. To be the first to know the details, sign up here


Option 1: Corrine Cardi by Vanessa Reyes

Granny Square Cardi worn by a beautiful girl

This vintage, patchwork-inspired cardi brings the art of crochet and knitting together. Unlock your creativity by picking and mixing yarns together in a way that feels authentic to you! It uses a mix of our light and lofty Serenity Boucle yarn and our bright and beautiful Wildflower yarn to make up the traditional granny squares, which are joined together forming the body of the cardigan. The sleeves are then simply knit in the round. If you are new to crochet, or knitting not to worry. We'll guide you in step by step videos and help sessions so you know exactly how to make this stunning design! This style is great option for for beginner knitters and crocheters alike.


Option 2: Grow With Me Cardi by Christine M Young

Grow With Me Brioche Cardi

Take your knitting to the next level with this beautiful, sleek, and reversible brioche cardi. It's such a perfect piece to throw over your shoulders that you won't want to take it off! I'm super excited about this one because while we knit this style, I'll be teaching you how to brioche! Newer to knitting or ever been curious about brioche? This might just be the design to teach you all the elusive ins and outs of brioche (a technique using a combination of slipped stitches and yarn overs that create a lovely lofty rib). It may be new to you and sounds scary but it's not hard and I'll be there to guide you at every step along the way. We'll swatch first so you feel confident!  


Option 3: Botanical Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

Botanical Cardi Spring 2022 MAL Design

This cardi is a wonderful, airy knit and makes for a great layering piece with any spring wardrobe staple. In this design, we'll knit from the center back flower outward - making this a fantastic design to learn modular and simple lace knitting as well as a handful of fun new stitches. Add a delicate touch to your wardrobe with this one-of-a-kind artistic cardigan.


Option 4: Numerology Shawl by Jake Kenyon

Numerology Shawl Spring 2022 MAL Design

The numerology shawl is a collaboration with one of our favorite indie dyers - Jake Kenyon of Kenyarns. This beginner friendly shawl is the perfect piece for new knitters and anyone interested in playing with color and texture. Created using a mix of our Serenity brushed boucle, which is a lightweight merino/nylon blend with a cool, stubby texture and our Wildflower yarn and mini kit. Make your shawl one-of-a-kind through intentional color changes inspired by your personal Life Path Number. 


Bonus Option 5: Soulshine Cardi by Cheryl Kubat:

Give yourself a rainbow hug with the Soulshine Cardi! A colorful, cozy knee length cardigan that uses six colors of our brushed boucle yarn. Have fun with color mixing here! This style looks fall feeling because it's big but it's actually super light and fluffy to wear - the perfect spring and summer layer.


Bonus Option 6: Botanical Blanket by Laurel Gervitz

Knit Collage Botanical Blanket across beautiful womans lap.

Botanical Blanket Details

The Botanical Blanket makes a beautiful and cozy addition to any home or lap. This style is all about that stunning floral motif and the mixed stitch border. Knit yourself a piece of art with this blanket! This pattern is perfect for all levels of knitters. If you've never knit lace or in the round before, this would be a fantastic project for you to try :) 


 Bonus Option 7: Botanical Floor Pillow by Laurel Gervitz

Knit Collage Botanical Floor Pillow and beautiful woman sitting on it.

Botanical Floor Pillow Details

Soften up your space with the Botanical Floor Cushion. This design is all about making a statement in your living quarters. Use the pillow as a seat to relax in or a calm place to meditate. This pouf adds a playful respite and is the perfect accent piece for any indoor area. 


Bonus Option 8: Kaleidoscope Embroidered by Laurel Gervitz

Knit Collage Kaleidoscope Embroidered Sweater

Our Kaleidoscope patterns are forever favorites here at Knit Collage and also exclusive to our MAL'S (make-alongs). The Kaleidoscope Embroidered sweater is ideal for beginner knitters who want to tackle their first sweater ever....but it's also great if you're up for learning a new technique - how to embroider on your knitting. The perfect staple for every season.


Ok I think that is it!!! I'm so excited to share more about our upcoming make-along next week in a three part video series! Stay tuned. To be the first to know about the MAL, sign up for updates here.


Thank you!



P.S. If the style you loved didn't make it in, it will be released too, at a later date.