It was such a treat reading about all the styles that are calling to you for this make-along! Thank you for sharing and asking questions. Keep them coming, I love talking about yarn, patterns, and making things with you.

In this final video, I go into detail about why knitting has been so life-changing for me and what that experience has been like for past make-along (MAL) participants. I truly believe in knitting’s potential to enhance our lives in so many ways. Whether we pick up knitting(or crochet!)  to relax, flex our creativity, express ourselves, find joy, or all of the above, it is truly a craft of transformation and growth, which is why I love to embark on these MALs together! Do not miss the video below.

A few exciting details too - you get access to all 4 main KAL patterns/video tutorials + the bonus patterns (plus the videos for the Kaleidoscope Embroidered Sweater) + help sessions + community + mindfulness. The kits will go live on our site at 10am ET on Friday, April 8th and will be available for one week only. These 4 main MAL patterns will be available to MAL participants only for about 6 to 12 months.


Every season, we think we have enough yarn, and every time we sell out of certain colors super quickly. Part of this is because the process of spinning and making these yarns is intense and we have to order very far in advance before we know what’s sold from the previous season. I want to encourage you to order early just to be safe. It’s so hard for us to know what everyone will like most - it’s never what we expect! We will have kits available for all of these bonus patterns too: Kaleidoscope Embroidered Sweater, Botanical Floor Pillow, Botanical Blanket and the Soul Shine Cardi.


Thank you so much. We have poured so much into this MAL as a team and just cannot wait to get started! If you have a question, feel free to write me an email or leave a blog comment. I'd love to hear from you!