I'm so excited to share the style options for our upcoming knitalong, slated to kick off mid April. At Knit Collage, we host two knitalongs (KALs) a year and they are what myself and the small yet mighty team here lives for. We work on behind the scenes all year long. During our KALs, we connect with other makers, knit in community, cheer each other on, learn new techniques and finish with an heirloom handknit to treasure for years to come. In a completely non-preachy way, I also put a self care bent on the KAL and focus on how good knitting, creativity and making are for us - especially in times of uncertainty and hardship. There will be all levels, restorative zoom yoga hosted by myself and events centered around diving deep into your most creative self. The design winners are chosen by popular vote so here is your chance to have your voice heard and counted. Feel free to share with friends! I would so appreciate your help and input to make this our best to date. If any of these intimidate you - please keep in mind that I teach you how to knit (and this time potentially crochet) each style from start to finish in an online class that is yours forever. Last fall, many knitters tackled their first sweater ever!  More photos below too :)

Spring 2022 Knitalong Design Survey


Option #1: Botanical Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

Botanical Cardi Spring Knitalong

Botanical Cardi

This cardi is a wonderful, airy knit and makes for a great layering piece with any spring wardrobe staple. In this design, we'll knit from the center back flower outward - making this a fantastic design to learn modular and simple lace knitting as well as a handful of fun new stitches. 


Option #2: Botanical Throw Blanket by Laurel Gervitz

The Botanical Blanket is all about that stunning floral motif and the mixed stitch border. Knit yourself a piece of art with this blanket! This pattern is perfect for all levels of knitters. If you've never knit lace or in the round before, this would be a fantastic project for you to try :)


Option #3: Botanical Floor Cushion by Laurel Gervitz

The Botanical Floor Cushion is all about making a statement in your living space. Use the pillow as a seat to relax in or a calm place to meditate. 


Option #4: Corrine Crochet Cardi by Vanessa Reyes

This vintage, patchwork-inspired cardi brings the art of crochet and knitting together. Unlock your creativity by picking and mixing yarns together in a way that feels authentic to you! If you are new to crochet, not to worry. I'll guide you in step by step videos so you know exactly how to make this stunning design!


Option #5: Numerology Shawl by Jake Kenyon

The numerology shawl is a collaboration with one of our favorite indie dyers - Jake Kenyon of Kenyarns. This beginner friendly shawl is the perfect piece for new knitters and anyone interested in playing with color and texture. Make your shawl one-of-a-kind through intentional color changes inspired by your personal Life Path Number. 


Option #6: Think Up Cardi by Laurel Gervitz and Amy Small

The words we choose are immensely powerful. Is there a message you need to tell yourself everyday or an identity you hold that you want to share with the world? Then this cardi is for you! Choose your word(s) carefully and embroider them on the back. While you wear this cardi, that identity or message is there for you to come back to. 


Option #7: Think Up Pillow by Laurel Gervitz and Amy Small

In the Think Up Pillow we take the message of the cardi into pillow form.The one main difference is that this pillow features a brioche back. If you're new to brioche, this might be a fun project for you to try and master it!


Option 8#: Happy Hexie Sweater by Cheryl Kubat

Wearable art meets boho chic with this happy geometric beauty! You'll learn how to knit hexagons and master short rows too!


Option #9: Soulshine Cardi by Cheryl Kubat

The Soulshine Cardi is a colorful, cozy knee length cardigan that uses six colors of our brushed boucle yarn. Have fun with color mixing here! This style looks fall feeling because it's big but it's actually super light and fluffy to wear - the perfect spring and summer layer. 


Option #10: Brioche Cardi by Christine Young

Take your knitting to the next level with this beautiful, sleek, and reversible brioche cardi. It's such a perfect piece to throw over your shoulders that you won't want to take it off! Newer to knitting or ever been curious about brioche? This might just be the design to teach you all the elusive ins and outs of brioche! 


Option 11: Gumdrop Sweater by Anne Keith

A repeat from last spring's KAL - much loved design! This top down, raglan style is a simple sweater design in our lightweight Serenity yarn. The pattern comes with two neck options and features a fun striped border using our cotton Wildflower yarn that is yours to customize as you like. 


Option 12: Kaleidoscope Embroidered by Laurel Gervitz


I always love to have one Kaleidoscope sweater in the mix for our knitalongs. This design is another repeat from last spring. I'd love to see it in the mix again :) Some design details ~ this cardi is a simple, top down sweater that is ideal for first time sweater knitters. The really fun part this time around will be teaching and running wild (creatively!) with the embroidery. We'll give you instructions on how to recreate the embroidery you see here, however feel free to make it your own!


Thank you so much for letting me know your faves! I so hope you'll vote and if you feel moved to, join me in the upcoming KAL (knitalong!). To be the first to know about the KAL, sign up for updates here.  I'd also love to hear from you in the comments below. What peaks your interest? Would you knit more than one? I'll be doing ALL of them and would so love to have you join me!

Big hugs,


P.S. I'm rooting for the Grow with Me Brioche Cardi, Botanical Cardi and Corrine Cardi and Numerology Shawl :)