Hi friends! I hope all is well and that you're moving right along on the snowcap cardi. As you know there have been a few tiny mistakes with the pattern - for this I cannot express how sorry I am. This has been a huge learning experience for me and we know now that we need a third set of expert eyes on the pattern before releasing it. I have a newly updated version of the pattern for those interested, you can download it here

This week we are diving into the front panels of your sweater - the easiest part to knit! My hope is that this week you'll be able to get through both of them. The one error on the front panel comes on the left front, row 3. It should read BO 2 stitches and knit across the row. I have no videos for today because the front panels are very straight forward and we've already been through all of the stitches involved but I have a few tips for you! Let's dive in.

#1 ~ Start the left front panel with a new ball of yarn. The back panel will be on a spare needle/scrap yarn, still attached to the working ball of yarn.

#2 ~ Keep your gauge consistent. I noticed that I started knitting my front panel tighter than my back panel - argh! It happens. Try your best to keep your gauge the same. 

#3 ~ Keep track of which row you're on - I've said it before but this helps so much. If you set your knitting down and don't know where you left off, you've got a big headache on your hands!

#4 ~ On row 5, the pattern calls for you to place a removable marker. Don't for get to do this. This will indicate where you began the center front edge decreases. See a photo below of my panel with the marker. 

Knit Collage Snowcap Cardi KAL

#5 ~ You'll have 4 stitches remaining at the end of each panel. You'll leave those stitches live on scrap yarn or a spare needle. You can go ahead and cut or break the yarn from the ball here. 

#6 ~ After you complete the front panel, line it up to your back panel. You should have 12 knit row stripes that line up and match. If they're not lining up perfectly, don't fret, we'll block these into shape soon enough. See photo below for reference.

Ok! That is all for this week. As always, reach out if you need help to me or Cheryl (amy@knitcollage.com & cheryl@knitcollage.com) and please keep posting your progress pics with #knitcollageKAL or in either of our groups. So wonderful to see these come to life!

Big Hugs ~ Amy