Alrighty guys, it's time to get our needles humming and knitting this stunning cardigan! Watch my quick intro video to find out more about what you can expect from me along the way. I also go into how the sweater is knit in more detail. Please head over to Facebook and join our KAL group or if Ravelry is more your thing, join our group here.


Let's dive into the pattern. In the first tutorial video, I go over gauge in a chunky/slubby yarn and guide you through the first portion of the back panel of your sweater.


Important tips:

* Don't skip the gauge swatch! 2 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch is your goal although a little under or over that is Ok. If your gauge is coming out to 3 stitches per inch, I'd recommend going up a needle size. If this sweater is knit too tightly, the loftiness of the yarn can get lost. It becomes heavier and a more densely knit sweater. So I encourage you to keep it loose and let the yarn BREATHE!

* In the video I walk you through how to do the cable stitch if that's new to you.

* Lastly - make sure you are keeping track of which row you are on so that you don't lose count! I actually prefer writing this down on a piece of pattern - so I made a vertical list of rows 1-26 and then cross the row off as I go. Others prefer using a stitch counter app - I have the app, Stitch Counter, that totally works. Since this is a lengthy repeat I just recommend keeping track.

* This week try to finish your back panel up to the raglan armhole shaping. Next week we'll dive into the shaping together. 

Thank you again for joining me! Please post photos of your work in progress in our groups and on instagram with the #knitcollageKAL I can't wait to see your work!

Hugs ~ Amy