Hi cardi peeps! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I love seeing the cardi pieces all come to life, they look amazing. Hopefully, you've been able to make it through the front 2 panels and you're ready for the sleeves. Cheryl and I noticed one teeny error on the sleeve pattern row 71. I am terribly sorry about this - this has been a huge learning experience for us that we need one more set of expert eyes on the pattern without fail before it goes live. I know this pattern isn't terribly complicated but it is our first time publishing such a long, intricate sweater design. My huge apologies - 100%, it will not happen again. Here is the link to the perfect pattern. Ok, moving right along! This week we dive into the sleeves. 

Knit Collage Knitalong Snowcap Cardigan

A few tips for the sleeves:

* The sleeves are just different combinations of the same stitches you've already done in this design. So you are good to rock it!

* If you want a folded over rib cuff, I recommend one extra skein of yarn to be safe. I felt that the sample we had with the folded over cuffs was heavy, that is why we altered the pattern. If you prefer that look, awesome, go for it! We can help you with more yarn. I opted for the cuff as it is written in the pattern but chose to make it a teeny bit longer, knitting 10 rows of rib as opposed to 8.

* Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that you will CB6B (cable BACK) for the left sleeve, all cables, and knit a CB6F (cable FRONT) stitch for the right sleeve, all cables. I messed this up twice while knitting mine and had to rip out many rows! So be careful here to pay attention.

* The sleeve pattern is a ton of rows - 77 in all. Don't forget to keep track of the stitches by marking off the rows you've finished on your pattern paper or on a stitch marker. 


That is it for today - this portion of the pattern should not be brain surgery hard! The toughest part comes later when we pick up stitches for the collar. For now, you should be all set for the sleeves. As always, holler if you need help with anything at all! And please, PLEASE (!!!) share your work in our FB group, Ravelry group or on instagram with #knitcollageKAL.

Have a wonderful week! Amy