It is finally time to customize our pillows, yippee! In today's videos, I go through 2 different options, either adding pom poms or tassels to your pillow, and show you how to do it. I'll give you a few tips on how to make this your own if you decide to go off pattern too :)


This week is the FINAL week of the knitalong so my plea to you is to please, PLEASE, email me photos of your finished pillow or pillow-in-progress. Email me at Or share your pics on the knit collage facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #knitcollageKAL I'm going to post these in a round up blog post and also create a pinterest board where I'll share them all. This is truly the fun part - seeing each other's work. It may inspire you and make you think about the project in a different way or maybe it will just be a nice place to cheer each other on and say wow, that's stunning. Please, please share - thank you! Ok, let's get started.


Video 9: Customization overview

Things to keep in mind:

* You could do a combination of tassels and pom poms.

* You could add in some of your stash yarn here for added color, like I plan to do.


Video 10: How to make tassels

Things to keep in mind:

* Follow the pattern closely if you want tassels like those shown here - approximately 5" long

* To make your tassels longer or shorter, simply cut longer or shorter strands of yarn. Keep in mind the length of your finished tassel will be half the size of the strand of yarn that you cut.

* Use the top knot of the tassel strands to attach the tassel to the pillow. Stitch it down with a needle and thread if you want it super secure.


Video 11: How to make pom poms

Things to keep in mind:

* Consider making your pom poms 2 color (or more!) like I do here.

* The pom pom size I made is 3" in diameter. I put 4 pom poms on 2 sides of the pillow. You can do the layout any way you like!

* The clover pom pom maker creates pom poms that look a little more circular/ball-shaped although a piece of cardboard works great too!

* The long strands of yarn you used to tie around the center of the pom pom should be used to attach your pom pom to your pillow. Secure your pom pom with a needle and thread if you want it to be super secure.


That's it for this week guys! As always, get in touch if you need help and please share your work with me. I can't wait to see how they all come out!

XOXO ~ Amy