Hello friends! I'm thinking about kicking off a super relaxed cotton knitalong for July and would love to know what you think and if you'd be up for joining. This is how it would work - it would be based around the yarn rather than a specific pattern. 

* You pick a Wildflower or Wildflower Drifter pattern detailed below and buy the cotton Wildflower yarn for it or use yarn you already own.

* The yarn cost will be 10% off and you'll get the pattern and shipping for free. We are out of stock of most of our Wildflower yarns, so they'd ship out around July 6th, right after the 4th which is right when we'll kick things off. There'd be a short window to order them and be able to participate.

* I'll do blog posts with tips and tricks for knitting with this yarn but no in depth videos this time around. Perhaps a fun intro video!

* I'll be available for help around the clock as will Cheryl our in house knitting guru, this will be great especially if you have any fit/customization questions.

* The knitalong will last about 3 weeks, I'll set a rough schedule to keep us all on track and then we'll share at the end! Some of these are very quick to knit so chances are you may finish within a week :)

Let me know if this is something you think you might be interested and I'll get cracking on making it happen! Here are all the pattern options. 

Some sweater options, starting at the top left corner and going around clockwise: the oracle cardi, the sunshine daydream cardi, the soak up the sun tank, the dreamy fields sweater.

And here are a few accessory ideas too.

These patterns are: Sailor Necklaces, Breezy Does It Cowl, Market Bag, Shades of Summer Shawl.

Really, any pattern in our cotton Wildflower or Wildflower Drifter yarn is fair game. To peruse them all see links below:

* Wildflower Patterns

* Wildflower Drifter Patterns

Would love to hear your feedback!

XOXO ~ Amy