Here we are, all the way at the end of our little pillow knitalong! I had so much fun knitting this pillow with you and delving into more videos. I put the final touches on my pillow last weekend. In the end I opted for 4 pom poms in camel, mainly because I want it to match the other pillow I knit up. The multicolor pom poms seemed a little too busy! As a set, I think they'll look great in my living room or at the next yarn tradeshow I'm attending in June. Below I've highlighted the pillow pics I've seen on instagram that you've shared with #knitcollageKAL. I also started our very own pinterest board where I'll continue to add photos of the finished pillows as I see them. Thank you so much to all of you who participated! I loved hosting this and hope to make the next one we do, even better, so if you have any feedback, please let me know. I'm all ears! I hope the photos of each other's work inspires you. My favorite part of a knitalong is always connecting with you and seeing you happy with your finished piece. It has been an honor. Let's keep making!

Ok, to start,here's me and my finished pillow, being my silly self. 

Next up is  Sierra of Knitting Wonder's gorgeous pillow - holy cow that's a stunning photo, right?! She did hers in the sample color combination: Snowflake and Granola Girl Pixie Dust with Camel Sister. 

These make me so happy, love both variations so much! By @kristebee She did the sample color and then another one, the same as the other but with a bright Robins Egg Blue back/pom poms. I love the 2 variations she did for these! Such a pretty set.

@leahjillt knits are always jaw dropping! I love her color choice here. I was hoping someone would knit this one up, it's so rich and the tassels are a ton of fun!

@tangledhandknits pillow in the works, loving it so far!

@gaffneyanna your big happy smile is just the best! Love your pillow too :)

Thank you all so much for participating! I hope to add to this post as you wrap up knitting these :) I'm going to announce the prize winner in a few weeks time when I hope we get a few more finished projects completed. 

Big hugs and so much love, Amy @ Knit Collage