Finally, our latest knitalongs are here. I hope you'll join me and dive into making one of these projects with me. To kick things off, I've partnered with Anne of Flax & Twine and Stephanie of All about Ami on one awesome giveaway with so many goodies that could be all yours.


The prizes include a knitalong kit from me, either the Dash Shawl or the Sanctuary Pillow kit. In these kits, expect the yarn, needles and pattern to complete the project as well as blog and video help to make your project a success. On top of the kit, Anne is giving away her book as well as her color block arm knitting kit. Stephanie is giving away her 5 most popular patterns. Truly a giveaway not to be missed! To enter, simply sign up for our newsletters (see below) AND the more you share with your friends, the more times your name will be entered to win. Please spread the word ~ prizes pictured below.

Knit Collage + Flax & Twine + All About Ami Giveway

Now the fun details on our knitalongs (KALs). I'm really excited to dive into these 2 projects! Your votes were heard and counted and the Dash Shawl and Sanctuary Pillow won.  Like before, expect video tutorial help to get you through each step of the project. Maybe the best part of doing a KAL is the community element- at least for me. We'll share our progress and work with #knitcollageKAL ~ expect lots of community support and encouragement. You might just make a new friend along the way too! This time around, we have needles from my favorite needle brand Chiagoo available.

                                      NEW KNITALONG DETAILS

First up, the Dash Shawl. The body of this shawl is knit in Sister yarn in an open stitch that is warm and cozy yet feels loose and light to wear.  My favorite part about this shawl is that after you finish knitting it, you get to weave the Pixie Dust yarn in, instead of actually knitting it. It's so satisfying! The result is a gorgeous combination of textures and color that make up a completely unique shawl.

Weaving in the Pixie Dust also shines a light on the beautiful nature of this handspun yarn. It is loaded with texture, so many fibers colors (unless you pick white!)  and in some cases, sparkling angelina fiber. We'll knit this shawl from the bottom up as well, so if you decide you want to customize the size to be smaller or larger, that's easy to do. 

Next up, the Sanctuary Pillow. 

Our Sanctuary Pillow pattern is chock full of textural goodness, just waiting to be knit up. These pillows are sure to turn your home into a sanctuary, ideal for hosting guests or just relaxing solo with a good book. They add a gorgeous accent and pop of embellishment to any interior.  

This pattern offers instructions for two different pillow sizes 14"x14" and 16"x16". The materials listed below are for one pillow in either size. Each side of the pillow features a different yarn and stitch so you're really getting 2 pillows in one. Flip a side when you feel like changing things up! The pillow front in both options is knit with 2 skeins of Pixie Dust yarn (in 2 different colors held together) and the back is knit with 1 skein of our Sister yarn. 

Customize your pillow with either tassels or pom poms along the edges!

I so hope you'll join me as we knit these 2 projects. If you have any questions, or see a color not available that you'd like to knit, then please drop me a line at