Thanks to all that weighed in on the make-along survey! I'm excited to announce the design winners next week. There is one VERY CLEAR winner but the others keep swapping spots - your vote ensures that we get the most popular designs included in the make-along, so please vote here!

Next up, we have a GIANT giveaway! In this giveaway, you could win 5 skeins of our new Waterfall yarn - that's a skein of each of the new 5 colors. Unlike previous giveaways, we will have 5 lucky winners this go around to increase your chances of winning.


Waterfall is our newest yarn, slated to arrive any day now. It's a hand dyed, viscose ribbon yarn that almost looks like a watercolor painting caught on ribbon. It's fluid and drippy and fantastic for warm weather making too. To be the first to know when it arrives, sign up for a notification at the link below.


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Thank you!