Hi friends! I'm so excited to share that the new fall yarns are live on the site. I am more than a little excited about these. Ok I'm freaking out estatic! they have been a very long time in the making. All of the our yarns take over 6 months to develop and bring to sale. There are so many things I want to knit in every single one. What excites me the most is the patterns that mix a bunch of them and I cannot wait to share these with you.  


We have 4 new colors of my favorite Spun Cloud yarn, shown below: Honeysuckle (think fantastic mustard), Antique Mauve (a perfect dusty pink/purple color), Ink (more like an indigo heather with a little bit of white mixed in) and graphite (a gorgeous charcoal that everyone needs!). See larger detailed photos here. All of the new yarns are available for pre-order now with a ship date of Aug 27th. 

The next yarn is brand spanking NEW! It's the Friendship Bracelet Yarn. This yarn was completely designed while in India at my last trip with the ladies who spin the yarns. It was largely inspired by one of my podcast guests, Christina Dean, who encouraged me to use what was laying around as "trash" to recycle it into something beautiful. I promise you there is nothing trashy or rough feeling about it - it's extremely soft! In this yarn cones of what would otherwise be discarded yarns are colorfully spun into our signature wool fiber to create a yarn that is our sofest and fluffiest yet! Discarded cones are the result of excess yarn from normal sweater production. Through an intense handmade process, the cones are marled together into our color combinations and then spun together with hand carded wool to form the finished yarn. You'll see bits of colorful threads throughout each skein. I love the friendship bracelet look they create and the feeling that comes along with just thinking about friendship bracelets - making them as a kid with your best friend, summers at camp, etc... Here are a few photos, learn more on the Friendship Bracelet Yarn page

Lastly, we have a new color of Wanderlust, Moonlight Dance, shown below. Available here. This and the next Cast Away color are my answer to the question, what can I knit my husband/son/boyfriend with your yarns. This color along with a bunch of our more muted grays are perfect for the more manly guys out there who just aren't feeling the pops of pink or sparkle.

And last but not least, a similar indigo-ish color in a customer favorite, Cast Away. This is Lunar Royal Blue and is available here

I will have new mini skein sampler kit colorways headed your way shortly as well! I'm super excited to release these new colors with a slew of new patterns at the end of August. Thanks so much for tuning in. Would love to hear what your favorite yarn and colors are in the comments below. If there's something you don't see, let me know that too!

Big hugs,