Hi Make-along friends! I’ve been seeing so many stunning Dumpling Bucket Bags coming out of this Spring MAL and want to thank each and everyone of you for the warm response for this make-along style. Each bag is truly as fabulous and special as its maker. I’ve recently had a bunch of requests for the modifications on the original pattern to make a mini version. Today I’m going to dive into those mods so that if you are a part of the Spring 2023 MAL and already have the pattern you can also make a Mini Dumpling Bucket Bag, like the one pictured. 



(Original size Dumpling Bucket Bag and Mini version for comparison)  



Pattern Modifications:

You begin exactly as you would in the original pattern for the set up rnd, but instead your base will have 40 holes measuring 5.5" in diameter.




Rnd 1: follow the instructions in the original pattern (80 sts inc)

Rnds 2-4: sc in each st to end of rnd

Rnd 5: dec 5 sts evenly

Rnds 6-9: sc in each st to end of rnd

Rnd 10: dec 10 sts evenly

Rnds 11 and on: sc in each st to end of rnd until the bag reaches less than 1" desired height.

Follow the original pattern for row 29 (the eyelet rnd) and original instructions for the “Top of the Bag” and “Finishing” sections.


I hope that helps and please make sure to share your Mini Dumpling Bucket Bag with us in our Make-along Facebook and Discord Groups. Happy making friends!