Wow! I can't believe how quickly the past 3 weeks have passed by and that it is already time to cast off. On Wednesday, I plan to post a few pics of what my poncho looks like all finished and I hope to see yours as well - whenever you finish it! Please share your poncho with #knitcollage on instagram and Facebook. 


Alrighty, let's talk about casting off and finishing ~ an important part of your project!

My biggest tip for casting off is to keep it SUPER LOOSE! We don't want the cast off edge pulling your poncho in when the entire look is meant to be loose and flowing. Next up, finishing. I am a fan of not blocking your finished poncho. Personally I like the way the knit looks right off the needles, super textured and handmade. If you're more of a perfectionist you can definitely wet block your poncho, however keep in mind that a yarn this chunky will take a while to dry. The pattern designer Cheryl recommends laying your poncho down flat on a towel and using a steamer to steam the bottom edge to be crisp and flat. It's totally up to you! So, this is completely a personal preference thing, whatever speaks to your taste!