Hooray for week 2! Have you been knitting along with me? I sure hope so! If you've been following along on instagram, then you've definitely seen me progress throughout the week. I made it through the 8" turtleneck rib and I'm now ready to start knitting the poncho body. This week I'll show you how to switch to your larger needles, place your markers throughout your knitting and how to knit the kf&b stitch. Lastly, I'll talk about how to customize the body length of your poncho.

Switch needle size & place your stitch markers

I recommend using 2 different colored stitch markers than whatever you used to mark the beginning of your knitting round. This will help you differentiate between the end of the round and the rest of your knitted body. If you don't have proper stitch markers, a simple piece of waste yarn tied into a circle will work perfectly.


Next up, let's talk about the kf&b stitch also know as 'knit into the front and back loop'. Kf&b is a simple common stitch used to increase your knitting by one stitch. Watch the below video to learn how to do this! 



Would you like to lengthen or shorten your poncho? Here I'll talk about how to do that! If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to me (amy@knitcollage.com) or the designer Cheryl (cheryl@knitcollage.com) If you'd like to keep up with me, try to finish the body portion of your poncho before next Wednesday, November 16th. Next week, I'll talk about adding in the Cast Away stripes to your poncho.

Customize your poncho length