Alright guys! I’m back, one final video and cannot wait to dive into the KAL with you. I loved hearing about the styles you think you’d like to do, it looks like we might be even across all styles with a few more people doing the cardi- so interesting! I'm most thrilled to see some new knitters in the mix too, open to trying out their first sweater and learning with me.


Just to recap, here's what you can expect in the knitalong:

     ~ You’ll learn new skills - I have over 20 videos across all 3 styles planned and we'll teach these through our new streamlined, easy-to-use, teachable platform. These will be accessible to knitalong participants only

     ~ Accountability to get your project done - I'll provide you with a rough schedule to follow!

     ~ Knitting Help - think of myself, Cheryl and Jessie as your knitting and yarn concierge help. Through the duration of the knitalong, helping you complete your projects happily is our number one priority. We'll be available anytime for help and guidance! If there are enough Boston people who participate, we'll do a knit night too :)

     ~ Connect with and cheer on other makers with similar interests and aesthetics through our  private groups on social media - this is the fun part! I'm excited to explore the community element in more depth this time around.

     ~ Creativity & inspiration – weekly inspiration from me from some of my favorite resources around. This is the part I’m really excited about and have become pretty much obsessed with over the past year. It won't be anything preachy - just a little something to add some inspiration or spark a conversation.

     ~ Exclusive - these patterns will be exclusive to those that sign up for our KAL. The patterns will not be available to everyone until spring 2019. They are all 3 new patterns – not out there yet – just for KAL participants. You will also have access to all 3 patterns and all 3 style tutorial videos. So if you decide to make another style later down the road, fantastic and super easy. The video content is yours forever.

     ~ 10% off - The KAL kit price will be 10% less than the regular yarn price, normally listed for the yarn – our Spun Cloud, Wildflower and Daisy Chain yarns.

     ~ Free Shipping ~ Lastly, we’ll be offering free shipping, up to $15 for people who decide to join in – anywhere in the world - with the code SPRINGKAL at checkout.

~ I am offering custom color kits for the Dotted Sea Wave shawl as well as the Summer Sweetness Sweater ~ there are a ton of fun color options.  For the Topanga Canyon Cardi, all Wildflower yarn colors will be available.


The kits will be available for ONE WEEK only with the discount and free shipping. You'll be able to purchase them from April 11th through the 18th. After this week, the KAL will not be available again at this rate and with the creativity element. The KAL will start the week of April 30th, to give everyone enough time to get their yarn. 


The best way to know when the kits are live is to be on my email list or follow along on the blog. Everything will be live on Wednesday, April 11th at 8am although I hope before! Last note, I have very little inventory of the Spun Cloud and Wildflower yarn, especially in the more popular neutral colors and the new colors. So keep that in mind if you’re thinking ordering too.


Yay I cannot wait to dive into this with you! I have a great feeling that this time is going to be our best yet. I've learned so much along the way!



P.S. Just in case you missed the other 2 intro videos here are links to those: video 1 and video 2.