I'm so excited to share the knitalong design winners today! These were your top picks. I plan to release the other two patterns, that still got a lot of love, later in the summer or early fall. So if you had your heart set on those, they are coming too. In the meantime, I so hope you'll consider joining the spring knitalong! Next week, I'll release a few videos outlining what makes the KAL special and exactly how to get involved. I also plan to do a post here with color, size and pricing before they go live on April 11th, so you can choose what you'd like early, if that's your thing! This will also give us the opportunity to answer any of your sizing questions in advance too. Ok, so here are the four style winners. I'd love to know your favorite in the comments below!

#1 (with SO MANY VOTES!) The Garden Party Sweater (Chevron Sweater) 

#2 Sunwoven Tank - similar to last fall's design but with a whole new mix of stitches and a fresh silhouette! I'll teach color work here :)

#3 Constellation Shawl - will be a great pick for anyone who likes quickly knit projects and a faster finish.

#4 The Floret Cardi (Yes, I decided to change the names on all of them!) I love this one because it's a little more sophisticated but with a Knit Collage twist in that fringe! This one is also fantastic for the non-wool people out there.

More details slate to come next week. Cannot wait.