Welcome make-along friends! We are so excited that you are here. As we dive into and kick off week 1, I would love to share a few thoughts.


#1 - If you're not sure about this, take some time to ponder what you would like to get out of this experience and set an intention. This could be learning a new technique, creating a new knitting (or journaling!) habit or making new crafty friends. For the next 8 weeks, come back to this and lean into it.


#2 - Community and going first. This idea of going first was first introduced to be Gabby Reece on the Tim Ferris Podcast (episode 89 for anyone interested) – the idea she mentions is the idea of going first – smile first –open up – take that first step. Not many people take this first step, especially in the busy hustle of our everyday life. But when you go first and smile or open up first, chances are the other person will too but it takes someone going first – why not you? I realize my mom set this example for me my entire life and now reaps tremendous benefits because of it. She’s friends with everyone, almost everywhere she goes. In 2019, I went to a conference in Phoenix where I knew nobody and WHEW, it was so hard to go first. I realized how often I stay in my bubble and never meet new people. It took some courage but I tried my best to spark conversations with new people and left the weekend with a few new friends that are now 3 years later, super close friends.  I say all this of course to encourage you to open up and introduce yourself in our MAL group. This a perfect safe space to get to know like-minded friends. How can we apply this idea to our community for the MAL – by introducing yourself – opening up in the groups, share first, cheerlead first. Let’s make it a place where we all feel comfortable to go first and support each other. I love this idea as small as it may be. The places to share are in our private Discord ChannelFB group and on the KAL instagram page


#3 - Remember the team is here for you. I can't promise that your project will be easy. Often times when we challenge ourselves with something new, that we've never tried before, there are bumps along the road as we learn and grow. It's not always smooth sailing. There's a chance you might have to make four gauge swatches before you get it just right. There's a chance you may feel behind as you see others with more free time zoom through a project. All of that is Ok and good. Give your project a time out if you need it, rest and then get back on the horse when you're ready. Lean into the community and this team to help you. You are not doing this alone - not here, at THIS make-along! That's just not how we do things at Knit Collage. We are here to support you so that you do grow into that next level technique with confidence and joy. 


#4 - DO YOU. This is a judgement free zone. No matter your skill level or aesthetic. There's no such thing as a stupid question or a boring project. Our goal throughout this experience is to support you doing you, whatever that looks like in your life. None of this community is here to encourage you to be any specific way - it's just about you being your most creative self and growing. Feel free to share away as we get started. The sharing you all bring to the community is what fuels us here at Knit Collage!


#5 - Expansive mode. It's a weird world out there right now, so much feels ominous and unknown with the ongoing war in Ukraine, inflation and a possible recession....not to mention whatever personal struggles you may face in your life. My yoga teacher Tara always encourages us to flip the prism and I'm thinking about that a bunch this MAL. I've let myself get dragged down into that doom and gloom mindset and enough is enough. I too easily let thoughts like life is so hard, third grade is so hard (for my son) slip through. I'm ready to flip the prism and invite you to do the same. It doesn't mean we're not paying attention or aware of the world but instead of allowing myself to be consumed by it all, I want to focus on the good. My hope is that this 8 week experience will be a bright spot for you where we can all flip the prism! In that vein, what excites you, what makes you feel most alive and expansive as we dive into week 1? Maybe this ties into your intention (see #1) or maybe it's bigger than that. For me, I think it's going to be about that journalling session and exploring where that could lead. I had SO MUCH FUN leading that - it feels fresh, deep and like we could all potentially have a wonderful way to really get to know each other on a deeper level. So that is what I will be embracing in this expansive mode idea - just following the thing that I'm curious about and makes me most alive. Of course hopefully that will resonate with all of you too!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read. As a team, we are honored and so grateful that you are here. We cannot wait to support you on this making adventure! Let me know in the comments below if you have any thoughts like what you're intention might be, what you're excited about etc...!

Biggest air hugs,

Amy @ Knit Collage