I am beyond excited to introduce you to our first ever yarn collaboration with indie dyer extraordinaire, Jake Kenyon aka Kenyarn!  Kenyarn is a small independent hand-dyed yarn business based in Providence, Rhode Island. Jake and I became friends a long while ago when we somehow convinced him to join in a knitalong! Since then he went on to design the Numerology Shawl which we knit as part of the Spring 2022 knitalong. Naturally, it felt like we needed to up our collab into the yarn realm...that's how this yarn came to be. After lots of experimenting and back and forth between us, our yarn collab is here - well, almost!

The Ally AF is a colourway inspired by the LGBTQIA+ community and all of the love and beauty within its embrace. Jake was inspired by light refracting through a prism and splitting into a thousand smaller rainbows. The dyeing process of each Sister ALLY AF skein takes around 16 hours from skein to dye pots to shipment and each hank is unique in its very own way, like each and every knitter. 


To accompany this yarn we’re doing something a little different too! I knit a very psychedelic Kaleidoscope cardi that brings me so much joy, see above. I so hope you might be up for knitting one too! We’re going to release all of our treasured Kaleidoscope patterns as a bundle next week for one week only. To accompany these, you’ll get access to 3 kaleidoscope classes where I teach you how to knit each design from start to finish! Join me live on instagram tonight, August 2nd at 8pm ET to dive into this in all it’s juicy detail. 

Patterns you'll receive as part of the Kaleidoscope Bundle:

Kaleidoscope Cardi Striped or Solid

Kaleidoscope Sweater Striped (long or short sleeve options)

Kaleidoscope Sweater Solid (long or short sleeve options)

Kaleidoscope Kids Sweater Striped

Kaleidoscope Kids Cardi Striped

Kaleidoscope Pet Sweater

Kaleidoscope Embroidered Sweater (short sleeve)

Video Classes included in the bundle:

Kaleidoscope Cardi Striped (Videos will work for the solid version too!)

Kaleidoscope Sweater Striped (Videos will work for the solid version and both long sleeve and short sleeve options)

Kaleidoscope Embroidered Sweater 

The video tutorials teach you how to knit each of the designs listed above from start to finish and are taught by myself, Amy Small. We break each design down step by step so that if you are newer to knitting, we've got you covered! You just need to know the knit and purl stitches. I teach you everything else.

We will also have kits available for these patterns too including a Kaleidoscope Cardi Kit in our Kenyarn collaboration yarn. When you order one kit, you get access to all the Kaleidoscope patterns and classes! Have a question, feel free to drop me a line anytime in the comments OR email Shannon on our team at shannon@knitcollage.com.

Lastly, we have a braided cable scarf pattern coming too - it will be free! And a simple beanie hat too. SO. MUCH. INSPIRATION! To be the first to know when this yarn hits the web shop, sign up for an email notification here

Thank you so much! Excited!