The spring knitalong is right around the corner and I so hope you'll consider joining me! I put together a little intro video - see below. I learned SO MUCH from the fall knitalong that I am using to make this time around even better. My biggest hope is that this knitalong will inspire us to learn and grow in new ways. We'll do that through learning knitting skills, accountability (to stick to your knitting goal!), connection with other like minded makers AND, most importantly to me, have some meaningful conversations around creativity and pretty much all the things I talk about on the podcast. My hope is that it will add a little extra inspiration to your everyday in an easy, non preachy kind of way. I hope you'll consider joining! It will launch next week and combines my 3 loves - making, community and creativity.  Let's dive into more detail in the video below. Let me know in the comments below if you're up for joining and if you have any questions for me.

 Photos of the 3 chosen styles below. In the next video, I'll dive into the exact yarn, kit and pattern details in so much more detail. As always, feel free to email me anytime at

Spring Knitalong Information