The fall knitalong is ALMOST HERE and I so hope you'll consider joining me! It really is the place where all the things I love in the world get together and have a big love session/party. Basically, it's our super bowl at Knit Collage. This time around, we've made a huge effort to offer more sizes, more colors and test each size carefully with a wide range of knitters. Through your survey responses, we've listened and took that fantastic feedback into account to make this one our best yet. Grab your knitting and take a minute to watch this video all about what's in store and what makes this one unique! 

Knit Collage KAL Options

In the next video, coming out on Friday, you'll get more info into the exact yarns and designs, shown above. I will have an accompanying blog post with color options, fit and pricing details so that if you decide to pick your style and color in advance, you can! This is also a great opportunity for you to email us any questions that might come up. We are happy to help with custom color ways. 


I so hope you'll consider joining in.Let me know in the comments below if you're up for joining and if you have any questions for me. Hope you're up for it! 

Hugs ~ Amy