Hi there! As many of you like already know, a second wave of covid has hit hard in India. The country is in the midst of a devastating crisis with no end in site. Here is a link to learn more if you are interested or better yet listen to this podcast episode. The country, especially the medical system, is in dire need of medical supplies and oxygen. We spin our yarn in India, so of course it's a place that's dear to our heart. It's where the other half of all things Knit Collage takes place - but maybe the more important half, making the yarn! I've been in close touch to keep tabs on how our team is holding up. So far, all ok. We are planning to have everyone vaccinated (if they haven't been already) this coming Saturday at the studio where we spin yarn. They are still able to work but limited hours due to a city wide curfew in place. What I keep hearing is that the feeling on the ground there is one of being scared and of an ongoing anxiety around how bad it could get. Another countrywide lockdown is looming as the spread of covid soars. A few have told me that the government is not accurately reporting how dire the situation is and is grossly underestimating covid related deaths and case numbers.


If you feel moved and called to help, there are two ways you can help. You could consider donating to our team in India here. We will match every dollar that comes in. The money raised will go directly to our 13 person team to help them and their families get through this time. The other option is donating to Give India, a large and trusted donation platform where funds will go to help the covid situation. You can find the Knit Collage Fundraiser here.

Thank you so much ~ Amy @ Knit Collage