Let's take a minute to discuss all the work in progresses (WIPs) we knitters have. They pile up for even the most disciplined among us. February feels like a great month to tackle all of these and finally finish them. The madness from the holidays is over but in most places it's still freezing out, which makes curling up with my knitting incredibly appealing. Are you up for joining me on this challenge? My hope is that by doing this all together, we can hold each other accountable.


To join in, simply tag the work you hope to finish with #FinishItFeb on Instagram and Facebook. What you're working on doesn't need to be knit in our yarns, but great if that's something you want to tackle. Alternatively, if you have any of our yarn that you're stumped on what to do with, take this time to reach out to me (amy@knitcollage) or our knitting guru Cheryl (cheryl@knitcollage) for project ideas. We truly want your project to be a success and would be excited to help you.


So - here's where I bear my WIP list soul! It's going to be really tough for me to finish all of these because I also have a spring photoshoot planned for the end of the month. I'll be working on a bunch of new designs for that too that are all still currently in my head! Yikes, I know...

#1. Simple scarf if Pixie Dust and Spun Cloud - honestly this should take me a few nights. I started it in mid Dec and like the way it's looking, I just need to get it DONE!

#2. My Penguono - EEK - I'm embarrassed to admit I've been working on this sweater since early last summer. Part of the reason I've been distracted and haven't knit it is because I'm using about 20 different types of yarn. By the time I lay EVERYTHING out, I've created a giant mess and it feels like such an undertaking to keep tidy with my 2 young kids and limited apartment space. That said, I NEED to finish this bad boy. I love it so much and just want to be DONE. I'm almost done the left side, so about half way I'm guessing.

#3. A new poncho idea - knit in our Wildflower yarn - the new colors. I started this in early Jan and must have it done for our photoshoot by the end of the month. I finished the first prototype but it's not perfect, so I'll rip and reknit. Sorry no great pic of this one yet. 

If you have any further thoughts, please chime in here in the comments section or on IG and FB using the tag #FinishItFeb I can't wait to see what's on your needles and what you're able complete! Let's face it together :)

Hugs ~ Amy