I'm so excited that so many of you are up for joining me for Finish it February! I'm really looking forward to connecting with other makers and going to town on all of these unfinished projects! This is just the push I need to complete my 2 lingering knits. So here is how to get involved:


1. Join our Facebook group - it's a private group where outsiders will be able to see what we're about but not any of the posts. You should feel comfortable sharing your work here. We will accept everyone who seems legit and if we notice any trolls, they'll be blocked. Please keep in mind this is supposed to be a friendly space :)


Finish it Feb Facebook Group


2. Introduce yourself to the group! I have 4 questions pinned to the top of the page, including what projects you'd like to finish. And I fully admit I hope to finish one project I haven't even started yet (more details below on that!) The more pics the better here. I think it's safe to say, we all like visuals. 


That is that! Each week, I'll check in to see how everyone is doing. I hope that as well all get making, we'll just continually share our progress and cheer each other on. You don't need to be knitting with our yarns or patterns to join in. Any yarn and pattern is great. This challenge is open to really any crafting - knitting, crochet, weaving etc.  The idea is just to create a fun community around our making! If you are in the middle of knitting any of our projects, of course we're there to help too. I hope to see you in the Facebook group. Just leave me a comment below if you have any questions!

Can't wait!!! Amy