I hope everyone kicked off 2019 with a great start. I just returned from a whirlwind trip to NYC for Vogue Knitting Live, it was a BLAST! For the last two years, I've run a little challenge called the Finish It February Challenge for the month of Feb. This strikes me as a fantastic month to get those WIPs (work in progresses!) finished, when the holiday madness has finally died down. I hope you'll join me for the fun!

Last February I set myself a goal of completing all of my unfinished projects (which was my Amazing Technicolor Sweater and my Free your Fade Shawl). I'm so glad I did because they are pieces I so adore! I needed that deadline to get it done. I'm constantly knitting work knits (i.e. patterns for Knit Collage) and because of that I rarely have time to knit patterns that I really want to try out. So I dubbed last February, FINISH IT FEB, and used that inspiration, along with a few other friends, to get knitting. This year, I'd love to do the same thing. Would you be up for joining? Here is what I'm thinking:

* Join our private Facebook group HERE where we can share our Feb knitting goals OR simply post on Instagram (stories or otherwise) with the hashtag #FinishItFebruary shown here. We'll cheer each other on, keep each other accountable and have weekly check ins. Everyone who wants to join will be accepted into the FB group. I personally love instagram, so I know I'll be a little more active there but some of you may like FB better. 

* The projects don't have to be made with our yarns, any yarns and any project are great. In fact, it will be awesome to see the what you're working on. The idea is just to create a fun community around our knitting/crocheting! If you are in the middle of making any of our projects, of course we're there to help too.


So it's as simple as that. Are you up for joining? I'd love to know! If you have a minute leave me a comment below, letting me know you're interested. If you're up for it you can also share the below image on social media to show that you'll be joining in with me...and start thinking about what you want to COMPLETE!

Thanks so much guys and hope you'll consider joining me this Feb!