Hello friends! I'm so excited to share the fall knitalong design winners with you today - chosen by you by popular vote - a very CLOSE popular vote! Our knitalong is slated to begin just about two weeks time. So without further ado - here are the winners AND the FOUR BONUS patterns you'll get when you sign up (there may be a surprise one coming at you later too...!). Next week I'll kick off my intro video series where you'll get to learn more about our knitalongs and what sets this one apart....and I've got a few new things up my sleeve too! I'd love to hear what style you plan on making in the comments below and of course if you have any questions. Keep in mind that all you really need to know to join in is the knit and purl stitches. We will teach you the rest in our online classes that are yours forever! All sweaters will fit a large size range from 34" to 70" bust sizes. To be the first to know the details, sign up here


Option 1: Express Yourself Sweater by Laurel Gervitz

This design is perfect for anyone wanting to try out our newish Serenity brushed boucle yarn. It's a lightweight merino/nylon blend with a cool, stubby texture. Try you hand at a colorwork, top down yoke style sweater. Unsure about colorwork? Let us guide you with our videos and help sessions! For me, it's all about that cuff detail. This style is perfect for beginner knitters.Express Yourself Sweater


Option #2: Magic Mountain Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

I'm super excited about this one because while we knit this style, I'll be teaching you how to steek! What is steeking you may be asking?! It is a technique we use to cut into our knitting. So we'll knit this sweater much like the Express Yourself shown above - top down, colorwork, in the round...THEN we will cut down the center of our work to make our sweater a cardigan. It's new and sounds scary but it's not hard and I'll be there to guide you at every step along the way. We'll swatch first so you feel confident! 


Option 3: Loop It Up Cardi by Laurel Gervitz + myself

Embrace your inner rock and roll spirit with this one! It's all about trying your hand at that fun loop stitch and creating a piece that maybe makes you feel a little like Stevie Nicks or Mick Jagger :)  This style is ideal for beginner knitters.  What color would you pick? Someone please make this in our Bodacious Pink color!


Option 4: Shake Your Groove Thing Poncho by Cheryl Kubat

It's been a long time since we offered up a poncho around here. This one does not disappoint! Play with yarn, texture and color mixing in this simple and fun pattern. This style is also fantastic for beginner knitters. 


Bonus Options 1 AND 2: Kaleidoscope Cardi and Sweater designs by Laurel Gervitz

Both the Kaleidoscope sweater and cardi patterns are forever favorites here at Knit Collage. Much like the poncho, we'll be playing with yarn, color and texture in this cardi pattern. If you've never tackled a sweater before, nothing beats this pattern. Finish with a piece of wearable art to cherish for years to come. No two Kaleidoscope sweaters ever come out the same and that is one of the best parts about knitting these - there is no wrong way to do it and it's all about you doing you!


Bonus Option 3: Dreamy Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

Arightly this sweater is really all about the yarn - the over the top, embellished happy, handspun yarn we make! The design styling is simple with sweet details like a split hem, drop shoulder and garter stitch neck edging. 


Bonus Option 4: The Kaleidoscope Pet Sweater

Our first puppy sweater WILL be part of this knitalong and I so hope some of you join in and knit one! Planning to knit a Kaleidoscope Sweater or Cardi, why not knit one for your pup to match?!

Ok I think that is it!!! I'm so excited to share more about our upcoming knitalong next week in a three part video series. Stay tuned. To be the first to know the details, sign up here. Please let me know what style you are thinking about knitting in the comments below :) I'll be making FIVE I think (I know, so crazy! But you know I live to knit...)

Thank you!


 P.S. If the style you loved didn't make it in, it will be released too, later this fall or early next year.