I'm so excited to share the style options for our upcoming knitalong, slated to kick off in early October. At Knit Collage, we host two knitalongs (KALs) a year and they are what I live for and what I work on behind the scenes all year long. Basically they are our Super Bowl here at Knit Collage! We connect with other makers, knit in community, cheer each other on, learn new things and finish with an heirloom handknit to treasure for years to come. In a completely non-preachy way, I also put a self care bent on the KAL and focus on how good knitting and making are for us! The design winners are chosen by popular vote so here is your chance to have your voice heard and counted. This time around, choose your top two in the design survey.  More detailed photos below of each style too! I'd also love to know in the comments here what you're rooting for. If any of these intimidate you - please know that I teach you how to knit each style from start to finish in an online class that is yours forever with the kit. 


Fall Knitalong Design Survey


P.S. My favorites are the Pixelated Cardi, Carpe Diem Cardi, Shakespeare in the Park, Feeling Groovy Cardi, Glow Girl Sweater and the Cozy Happy Bobble Scarf....We have to get down to 3-4. I can't choose...it's going to be so tough!!!


Style #1  ~ Pixelated Cardi

Style #2 ~ Shakespeare in the Park

Style #3 ~ Feeling Groovy Cardi (shorter version)

Style #3 ~ Feeling Groovy Cardi (longer version)

Style #4 ~ Saturday Sweater (wintery version)

Style #5 ~ Glow Girl Sweater Coat

Style #6 ~ Carpe Diem Cardi

Style # 7 ~ Cozy Happy Bobble Scarf

Style #8 ~ Cables are for Lovers Shawl

Thank you so much for letting me know your faves! I so hope you'll vote and if you feel moved to, join me in the upcoming KAL.

Big hugs,