I'm so excited to share the style options for our upcoming make-along, slated to kick off at the beginning of October. At Knit Collage, we host two make-alongs (MALs) a year and they are what myself and the small yet mighty team here lives for. We work on behind the scenes all year long. During our MALs, we connect with other makers, knit and crochet in community, cheer each other on, learn new techniques and finish with an heirloom to treasure for years to come. In a completely non-preachy way, I also put a self care bent on the MAL and focus on how good making things and creativity are for us. There will be events centered around diving deep into your most creative self. The design winners are chosen by popular vote so here is your chance to have your voice heard and counted. Feel free to share with friends! I would so appreciate your help and input to make this our best to date. If any of these intimidate you - please keep in mind that I teach you how to knit and crochet each style from start to finish in an online class that is yours forever. Last spring, many knitters tackled their first sweater ever and many tried crochet for the very first time!  More photos and a description of each design below too.


Fall 2023 Knitalong Design Survey



Option 1 ~ Willow Cardi by Laurel Gervitz


 The Willow Cardi is a beautiful, textured cardigan that is worked flat in one piece, horizontally across the body, beginning with the right cuff and ending with the left cuff. It is worked entirely in a feather and fan lace pattern, changing colors/yarns, to create wavy stripes. This is a wonderful design for all levels of knitters, and a perfect piece for beginner lace knitters to shine.  In this pattern, you'll use a mix of our Spun Cloud Light and Serenity yarns.



Option 2 ~ Willow Wrap by Laurel Gervitz

The Willow Wrap is a colorful, textured piece to keep you warm and in style all winter long. It is worked entirely in a feather and fan lace pattern, changing colors/yarns, and creating wavy stripes. For the wrap, the cuffs are added on after the length is worked in order to achieve the best fit. There are various options for this design, as well as different ways it can be worn, making it customisable. This is a wonderful pattern for all levels of knitters, and a perfect piece for beginner lace knitters to shine. In this pattern, you'll use a mix of our Spun Cloud Light and Serenity yarns.



Option 3: Rhinebeck Cardi by Cheryl Kubat


Meet the Rhinebeck Sweater with Detachable Collar, a cropped boxy V-neck cardigan with a unique twist-a detachable fringed collar. This stylish and versatile garment combines classic design elements with a modern touch, making it a must-have addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe. This cardigan is crafted using garter stitch, which is known for its rows of knit stitches and creates a beautifully textured fabric, giving this cardigan a cozy, yet sophisticated look. This design knits up in our Spun Cloud or Sister yarn. The color can either match the body of the sweater or you could go for the contrast option and make it in a Mini Skein Sampler Kit.



Option 4 ~ Desert Highway Cardi by Julia Norris

The Desert Highway Cardi is perfect blend of knit and crochet, this cardigan mixes the best of both disciplines to create a one-of-a-kind, statement piece to add to your wardrobe. A pieced mosaic of crocheted hexagons comprises the back of the cardigan, adding structure and giving our creative art yarns their chance to shine. The remainder of the cardigan is worked using Spun Cloud yarn, giving it a super cozy feeling. Don’t let the unique construction intimidate you! Beginner crocheters and knitters alike can absolutely tackle this design.



Option 5 ~ Desert Highway Scarf by Julia Norris


The Desert Highway Scarf is a simple, beginner-friendly pattern but the finished result screams statement! The classic crochet granny square technique gets a major glow-up in the form of a funky, geometric hexagon motif. These individual hexagons are joined together with an unusual, tapered seaming technique, giving a lace-like, airy drape to this chunky, crocheted number. The unique textures and trims of art yarn really get a chance to shine in this design and it is an opportunity to let your creativity run wild when it comes to mixing yarns!



Option 6: Faye Fringe Bag by Anna Skala

This pattern was much loved in the Spring MAL so we're adding it in again as an option for fall. In Anna Skala's first ever design for us, she's created the ultimate statement bag. She uses a tightly knit linen stitch to achieve a structured bag. It's ideal for beginners or anyone who's happy place is getting into a juicy creative zone and just playing with color and texture. You'll need our Spun Cloud, Daisy Chain and a Wildflower Mini Kit to make this one.



Option 7: Selena Sweater by Cheryl Kubat

Meet the Selena Slipover, a stunning garment that combines modern comfort with vintage elegance. Inspired by a garment worn by Selena Gomez in a Hulu series, this sweater has a drop-shoulder construction with an oversized fit and an option of two lengths (sweater or dress length). It is crafted using a unique mix of Cowgirl Blues mohair, kid silk lace and superwash merino yarns all held together and combined with a mix of Knit Collage yarns. With its oversized silhouette, this sweater is designed to provide unparalleled comfort throughout the day or night. Pair it with your favorite denim or tights and boots for a boho chic look. If this design wins, only the Knit Collage yarns would be included in the kit - it would be up to you to secure the other ones.



Option 8: Everyday Yay Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

The Everyday Yay Cardi is your go to cardi to wear over just about everything in your closet! Knit from the top down with a raglan construction, it's simple to knit and stunning to wear. This pattern comes with two options - add your own cross stitch embroidery or just leave it blank and go solid. This design is knit with our Spun Cloud yarn, embroidery in Wildflower. This pattern is super beginner friendly and perfect for anyone who wants to try to knit their very first sweater.



Option 9: Roadtrip Sweater by Amy Small


The Roadtrip Sweater pattern is a unique and pretty design that combines simple crochet and knitting for the ultimate patchwork design. The fit is boxy, cozy with drop shoulders. Scalloped crochet adorns the neckline and bottom edges for a pretty yet sturdy finish. Have fun striping in contrast colors and yarns on the sleeves and crochet edging as desired!

Option 10: Dumpling Crochet Bag by Vanessa Reyes

Another repeat and much loved project from spring, meet the Dumpling Bag designed by Vanessa Reyes! Crochet yourself the sweetest bag around in our Wildflower yarn. I especially love the shoulder strap and all the hardware details. If you've never crocheted this would be the perfect project to learn!



Option 11: End Out Hoodie by Jo Wadler

The Ends Out Hoodie is a colorful statement knit that’s all about playing with color. No need to sew in the ends—that’s the beauty and art of the Ends Out Hoodie. This design has a simple, beginner friendly construction. It is worked bottom up, knit flat in pieces and seamed together.  Once the body is complete, stitches are picked up for the hood, The piece finishes with a picked up ribbed edging. Let your creativity run wild in the Ends Out Hoodie!



Option 12: Happy Dance Cardi by Amy Small

The Happy Dance Cardi is all about the Happy Dance Yarn! Embrace this fun, unique yarn in a simple, wear-everywhere design. This design has an oversized cocoon-like fit that is cozy to throw over anything. If short rows scare you or if you've never knit a sweater before, then the Happy Dance Cardi is for you. We'll tackle short rows together, in the best way, a super simple pattern in a large gauge.



Option 13 ~ Adventure Scarf by Sarah Barca

Just like taking an inspiring hike and being rewarded with a breath-taking view, the Adventure Scarf design takes you on a trip and rewards you with a stunning, versatile scarf. Throw it over your shoulders on a chilly evening or wrap it up tight around your neck on your next stroll. This scarf is a mix of simple cables, charming colorwork, fun textures, and seamless fringe worked in the round and ending with cutting your knitting! This scarf is perfect for beginners while also being engaging for an advanced knitter.



Option 14: Maisie Crochet Cardi by Jo Wadler

Last but definitely not least is the Maisie Crochet Cardi. This design by Jo Wadler is an ode to our shared love of granny squares. I love how this cardi feels reminiscent of a vintage crochet afghan but turned on its head and made into a sweater! Add in the modern twist in our yarns and these colors and, boom welcome to one show stopping cardi. LOVE.


Thank you so much for letting me know your faves! I so hope you'll vote and if you feel called to, join me in the upcoming MAL (make-along!). To be the first to know about the MAL, sign up for updates here.  I'd also love to hear from you in the comments below. What peaks your interest? Would you make more than one? I'll be doing ALL of them and would so love to have you join me!

Big hugs,