Hello friends! I'm so excited to share the Fall make-along design winners with you today - chosen by you by popular vote! And yes I said MAL, not KAL because there will be CROCHET, AGAIN. Hooray! Our make-along, is slated to begin in just about two weeks time. So without further ado - here are the winners AND the four bonus patterns you'll get when you sign up (there may be a surprise one or two coming at you later as well...!). Next week I'll kick off my intro video series where you'll get to learn more about our make-alongs and what sets this one apart....and I've got a few new things up my sleeve too! I'd love to hear what style you plan on making in the comments below and of course if you have any questions. Keep in mind that all you really need to know to join in is the knit and purl stitches and basic crochet stitches. We will teach you the rest in our online classes that are yours forever! All sweaters will fit a large size range from 34" to 70" bust sizes. To be the first to know the details, sign up here


Option 1: Starfall Cardi by Vanessa Reyes

The Starfall Cardi design brings the art of crochet and simple garter stitch knitting together in a unique, bohemian way. The silhouette is free and easy to wear. The fringe is optional and totally up to you to decide if you'd like to add it. This design is all about inspiring you to dive deep into your creativity to create colorful granny squares that just feel like you! This design calls for our newest yarn, the Spun Cloud Light, it's skinnier and lighter than anything we've done before!


Option #2: Inner Beauty Cardi by Laurel Gervitz

The Inner Beauty Cardi combines texture and colors in a unique way and easy sweater silhouette! This design is worked from the top down using stranded colorwork with the floats on the outside of your work. From there, you transition into a fun-to-knit bubble stitch pattern. Lastly, you'll knit a simple shawl collar, shaped with short rows, to complete this cardigan for ultimate winter coziness. This is a fantastic project to learn colorwork or short rows for the first time. You'll mix our Spun Cloud yarn together with a Mini Skein Sampler Kit where you get to try out five of our yarns in one go! The best part is experimenting when color and yarn placement within the yoke.


Option #3: Wonderland Sweater by Laurel Gervitz

Fall down the rabbit hole into a whimsical world of art deco and floral motifs. The Wonderland Sweater is a top down, yoke sweater worked in the round using simple stranded colorwork. With two colors being the stars of the show, feel free to customize using high or low contrast color combos with a third accent color for extra dimension.


Option 4: Gotta Be Hoodie Scarf

The Gotta Be Hooded Scarf is the perfect fun, yet functional cold weather piece. This beginner friendly design is the ideal piece for new knitters and anyone interested in playing with color and texture. Stay warm and whimsical while keeping your head and neck toasty warm all at once. What could be better?!


Bonus Designs! Extra patterns to be inspired by that will be included in the make-along as kits. 

Bonus Design #1: Daisy Chain Cardi by Amy Small and Laurel Gervitz

The Daisy Chain Cardi is all about our unique and daisy filled Daisy Chain yarn. The pattern is simple and ideal for beginner knitters or anyone looking to tackle their first sweater. Let the yarn do the talking in this one! 


Bonus Option #2: Winding Road Cardi by Cheryl Kubat

Meet the Winding Road Cardi! If you've ever wanted to learn intarsia and cables then the Intarsia Cable Cardi is the perfect project. This cardigan is worked from the top down combining the intarsia method of colorwork and the art of cabling together in a beautiful garment. The use of mini skeins allows for cables to be worked in multiple colors. Choose a smaller size for a more classic fit or size up for a looser feel. The Winding Road Cardi is a true classic and timeless cable design and who doesn't love that?!


Bonus Option #3: Inner Beauty Shawl

The Inner Beauty Shawl is a stunning crescent shawl that is knit from the center out. We'll mix stitches and stripes in the mini skein yarns to create a truly unique piece, you'll wear all the time. The curved crescent shape has a stunning drape when worn. Added bonus, it matches the Inner Beauty Cardi shown above.


Bonus Option $4: Kaleidoscope Cardi

The Kaleidoscope cardi pattern is a forever favorites here at Knit Collage. We'll be playing with yarn, color and texture in this cardi pattern. If you've never tackled a sweater before, nothing beats this pattern. Finish with a piece of wearable art to cherish for years to come. No two Kaleidoscope sweaters ever come out the same and that is one of the best parts about knitting these - there is no wrong way to do it and it's all about you doing you!

Lastly, I created a video where I share about the winners and what I've been knitting recently. I will have a more detailed video about each style next week but here is a little preview into them and what is on my needles!

Ok I think that is it!!! I'm so excited to share more about our upcoming make-along next week in a three part video series! Stay tuned. To be the first to know about the MAL, sign up for updates here.


Thank you!