Each KAL at Knit Collage brings about the most nurturing and special community. I am not sure how Amy and the team has been able to attract such dear and kind souls. And yet, I glean that this community is because of us. Because of the knitters. Because of what we share. Because of what we offer. Because one question in a facebook group garners dozens of potential solutions. Because we cheer, and cheer, and cheer some more. 

Knitting within community has helped so many through these past several years. As I sit and write this blog post, it is mid November. I can click over to the Facebook Group and find so much love and care in each post. For some, posting is something that feels automatic, and simple. For others, posting on Facebook, Instagram or speaking up in Zoom feels intimidating. At times, I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of posts and the amount of response each one garners. I tend to be someone who delights in sitting on the sidelines, I am perfectly content listening to others. You might be like that as well, and if that is you, I want to remind you: it is still worthwhile to share. The purpose of this week’s blog is simple: to encourage you to share your KAL journey. 

Sharing can feel scary. 

Sharing can feel exciting. 

Sharing can feel vulnerable. 

Sharing can feel triumphant. 

Sharing can feel empowering. 

Sharing can feel connected. 

Sharing can feel overwhelming. 

Sharing can feel (insert your experience here) _______.


And it is still worthwhile. 


Why? Why is it worthwhile if there are so many others already speaking?

You are unique. You have something different to say. Your project, and your KAL journey will be singular to you. Many of us who opted into the KAL for the community. We WANT to hear from you. We WANT to see your journey. We WANT to cheer you on.  


Around this time in the KAL, a lot of us get absorbed into our day-to-day life. It is so easy for us to take a step back from the KAL. Maybe we put our needles down, or maybe we fall out of routine in joining the zooms. Other times we may stop sharing our progress on Facebook or Instagram or reduce the number of comments we make on our fellow knitter’s progress. 


The reality here is that we all live lives. We all have responsibilities and expectations. And for some of us, those responsibilities escalate in this season. Or perhaps, life takes an unexpected turn, and what seemed like a simple month has turned upside down. 


I invite you to lean in. And share in a way that makes sense to you. 


You can pause your project, and still participate in the zooms. You can stop commenting as often on Facebook, and still join Vanessa for an Insta Live. You can choose one day to work on your project, and then dedicate your remaining knitting time to gifts for the rest of the week. You can share how it is hard for you to find time to knit, and seek support and advice from other KAL participants. 


Knit Collage KALs allow for connection on so many different platforms. I hope that after reading this post you will make a commitment to share in a way that makes you feel like you. I hope that even as our lives busy, that you will take a few moments each week to knit and connect. This community is what you make of it. And we are so grateful for each and every one of you. 


So today I ask: How will you share this week in the KAL? 


Take care and happy knitting, 

Emma of Bloom and Create, Amy and the Knit Collage Team