Welcome to week 2 of the KAL. I hope that you are settling into the videos and finding connections across this rich community. As you wind your yarn, block your swatches, and cast on your new projects, I invite you to explore the magic found in this journey. There is something special about noticing the magic in our everyday lives. Perhaps my favorite example of this are the Fairy Houses. I first stumbled upon Fairy Houses on a rather routine trip to my local grocery store earlier this year. I spotted the most delightful scene: complete with a bunny rabbit and white picket fence. As I peered around the tree boxes, other little doors and details emerged. Thankfully, my sweet little cousin, had already introduced me to these endearing scenes. They were houses and doors for the local fairies. A place with magic abundance. 


Fairy houses are popping up across the world. With a simple google search, or perhaps just with eyes wide open, you’ll be graced by your very own local fairy house. 


Fairy houses and Knit Collage yarns share such whimsy and such wonder. As I wind my yarns I can’t help but notice a singular sparkle, or the most serendipitous trim, or the way the yarn goes from thick to thin to thick again. Indeed, as you knit the delight continues, what will show up? What will pop forward? And how will the stitches lay? 


Fairy House


I want you to pause for a moment here. Recognize how magical it is that we can take yarn and two needles and create our own one of a kind fabric. Every single knitter creates their own unique finished piece. Even if we knit the same design, and perhaps with the same colors, the finished object will still be unique. There’s magic in the making, and magic in the outcomes. 

I often see magic and creativity as inextricably tied. One rarely exists without the other. The phrase “but I’m not creative” makes me shudder. You, yes you, are creative. You are capable of so very much. You bring a unique and significant view to this world. The other response I often hear is that “well I can’t be that creative, I am following a knitting pattern.” To this I reference one of my favorite books on creativity, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. 


“What a good artist understands is that nothing comes from nowhere. All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original. … If we’re free from the burden of trying to be completely original, we can stop trying to make something out of nothing, and we can embrace influence instead of running away from it.” 


So as we read patterns, and as we knit, and as we form our own sweaters, shawls, and ponchos, we are forming creative works of art; Influenced by patterns, by yarns, by fellow knitters, and by whatever else stumbles in to inspire us. 


Today I ask, how are you embracing creativity? Does magic play a role in the process? And as a bonus, I’d love to hear, where has everyday magic shown up in your life lately? 


Take care + happy knitting, 

Emma of Bloom and Create, Amy + the Knit Collage team