Today I'm going to show you how I turned some embellished trim scraps into a bag strap. I so hope this will inspire you to create something on your own. When we ship our make-along kits and our mini skein sampler kits, you'll find them all wrapped up in gorgeous trims from India, where we make our yarns. If you've ever ordered from us before, you may be wondering, what can I do with those trims?! Definitely do not throw them away. Why not turn them into a bag strap for your favorite tote or a if you're making the Dumpling Bag as part of the spring make-along, this strap will work well for that pattern. 


Materials you'll need:

* Lobster claps  - 1" wide in diameter, antique brass finish. I used these ones.

* Mixed ribbons or trims, your choice! I thought about what would work best with my bag colors and texture.

* Cotton Twill, 3/4" wide or a width that matches the average width of the trims you choose. I used this one. You'll need a length that is 44" long if you want to match the strap length I make OR of course you make it your desired length depending on how you'll wear it. 

* Pins

* Needle and thread for hand sewing or a sewing machine. Your thread should match the base color of your trim unless you prefer a contrast color!

Step 1: Cut your cotton twill to be 44" long or your desired length. I wanted my strap to be 42" long finished. I included 1" extra on each end for where I'll sew the edges down on the inside of the strap.

Step 2: Pin out where you want each trim to go. Think about the color and trim layout you like best. Patchwork the trims together if you're mixing trims like me!

If you have extra trim, cut it so that the length of your trim perfectly lines up with your cotton canvas twill.

Step 3: Wrap your pinned strap around the lobster claw ring as shown below.

Tuck the edges in around the hook for a nice clean finish! 

You could put trims on both sides of the base cotton twill which would look awesome too. 

Step 4: Time to sew! Hand sew or use a sewing machine to stitch it all into place!

And voila, you are done!

I LOVE IT! I would like to swap out my side rivets to be antique brass so they match the lobster claws someday!