Wow, we are already at week 5 of the knitalong and some of you have already completed your projects. Amazing! I'm so looking forward to seeing more of them come to life as we keep going here. Today I want to talk about a topic so dear to my heart - why creativity and making are so important. This is one that I would love your help to weigh in on. I find this a very personal topic- everyone has their own opinion and feeling about how making helps them day to day. Here are my top reasons - add yours in the comments below or in one of our groups.


The biggest reason I like to knit, spin yarn and make so many things with my hands is that is a huge form of self expression for me. In previous posts, I spoke a little about my intuition and how I'm tapping more and more into that gut feeling all the time. My creativity is linked to my intuition (at least this is how I see it!). I think of making or designing as a way of expressing my true self in whatever creative pursuit I'm doing. So many of my designs come from this place. I'm not sure why I chose certain colors for yarns designs or sweaters I knit, but I think it comes from this place within. I had an impulse about what to put next and how to make the project come together. I love that making is a way for me to express different sides of myself and that by utilizing it, I get to know myself better as well. It's this idea that nobody can make it just like you, even if you're following a pattern, it's the color you picked and the way that no 2 projects will ever look exactly the same. I love that!


Ok the next thing for me is that mastering knitting has given me the confidence to feel like I can do so many other challenging things. I'll never forget the first pattern I completed. It was a set of crochet placemats, a Purl Soho pattern. It took me a long while to complete them and after I did, I was SO proud. It led to me trying more challenging patterns and gave me confidence to try cooking, something I'd never gotten into. After I started taking on ore complicated patterns, I transferred this confidence to my work and started to feel like I can figure anything out. I mastered Quickbooks among other essential (but so tedious!) business programs. That one crochet pattern started this chain of events for me. I'm curious if you had the same experience. AND is there anything better than finishing a project and thinking to yourself, YUP I MADE THAT?!!! I love that feeling :) Jessica Carey, of the Hook Nook, also spoke about this extensively in her podcast episode. If you're interested listen here!


Making, specifically knitting has taught me more patience. Anytime I rush, I mess up. The best way to knit is in a relaxed way. When I rush, my stitches are too tight and I, without fail, I make a mistake that needs to be ripped out, costing me more time. I used to be and still am a pretty impatient person but knitting has helped a ton with this. I admit I still have some work to do here.


Next up, making is always there for me. I use it as a home to come back to when I'm having a bad day or need to process something not so great. The repetitive motion calms and destresses me, it's like a best friend I can come back to when I need it. It helps me unwind and relax at the end of the day. In a way it feels like meditation. I notice when I don't knit for a while, I get pretty cranky too!


Handmade gifts mean so much more - can I get an amen to that?! It's so special to give a handmade gift and see the expression on the face of the person you gave it to. It just means so much more. It's such an amazing way to show the people in our lives how much they mean to us. 


Lastly, making is an amazing way to connect with others that share a love for this creative pursuit. This KAL has been wonderful evidence of that! I adore our facebook group community and the way everyone cheers each other on so heartily. It's been awesome to see. Keep on going! And please share why you love making so much. I'd love to hear. I'm not sure there is one reason NOT to embrace making. I don't think so!

Have a great week friends! XOXO ~ Amy