With our spring knitalong behind us, my mind has been spinning with ideas on how to keep momentum going in the amazing community we've built.  With this in mind, I've come up with a simple membership idea. It will tie into our yarns and our knitalongs (think early access to the KAL kits and fun surprise discounts) but will go way beyond our yarns and include a video vault of techniques as well as ways to get knitting help when you need it (on any pattern or any yarn)...not to mention community! I'd love invite you to join me as a founding member. All the details in the video here!

AND in a nutshell, here is what you get! 

1 ~ A video vault: 10+ videos with all the knitting basics you need to begin your knitting journey. These will be available to you through teachable, an easy to use online course platform. These will include: how to read a yarn label, what is the difference between yarn weights, our favorite tools, simple cast on and knit stitch tutorials. This is all the stuff that I wish I had known when I started knitting. From there, each month you'll get 4 new videos that tie into a theme. 

2 ~ Community through a private Facebook group, biweekly zoom calls, and live sessions where we answer your questions and connect. Expect lots of cheerleading, connections, learning and help. 

3 ~ Knitting help when you need it. Each week, you are free to sign up for a 30 minute coaching call with our very own knitting guru Cheryl. These will be held on zoom. You're free to ask her questions about any yarn or pattern. She'll do her best to help you out!

4 ~ Early access to our knitalongs. Yarns sell out quickly, especially during a pandemic. We are about two months behind on our fall inventory and uncertain about how the increases in covid cases in India will affect our spinning capacity. Make sure you get the color combination you want with early access!

5 ~ A $10 credit to use towards our site monthly. This will roll over if you don't use it one month. If you feel moved, simply use it all on a knitalong kit with knitalong time rolls around!

6 ~ Fun surprise bonuses, free shipping, early access to new and limited edition products - STAY TUNED. These will be a SURPRISE!

There is more (watch the video!!!) but that is it in a nutshell. I am SO excited to get this started! If you've followed along here for a while you know that I am a big believer that knitting makes us better in countless ways. 

The cost will be $22 per month and membership will be open for one week only, from July 23rd to July 30th. When we reopen membership, it will cost more and it will be after our upcoming fall knitalong (happening in early Oct) - so in about 3+ months from now.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below or email them to me at amy@knitcollage.com I'd love to hear what you're most excited about.

Thank you!