With our spring knitalong behind us, I'd love to keep the momentum going in the amazing community we've built with more making! With this in mind, I'd love to tell you a little bit about our creative knitters membership - open to all. It ties into our yarns and our knitalongs but will go way beyond our yarns. I'll outline the exact details after the video below too!

Here is what is in store:

  • A video vault – This is geared to all levels of knitters and spans knitting basics and beyond. Right when you join, you’ll get access to the 90+ videos tutorials - simple basics like – how to read a yarn label, what is the difference between yarn weights, our favorite tools, simple cast on and knit stitch tutorials. You’ll also find more advanced tutorials on short rows, colorwork, lace, blocking, brioche, intarsia and more! As we progress, we’ll build on what we learned the month before working towards more advanced techniques - the true basics are already in there!


  • Events – In the past 6 months we started events! In our first event we learned how to add beads and sequins to our knitting with Brazilian teacher Paula Pereira, then we learned how to steek (or cut into) our knitting with Meika John. We also had interviews this past April with two knitting celebs – Stephen West and Gaye Glasspie where I asked them questions about the creative journey. Team members from Knit Collage also lead us in events – for example Laurel Gervitz taught us how to fix ALL the mistakes a few months ago and Cheryl will be showing us how to ice dye yarn this August. These events happen monthly.


  • Community - Making in community is just better. It’s about accountability and cheerleading and it’s just so much more fun that way! We’ll host our community in a private Facebook group and will encourage you to connect and cheerlead each other. Posts here can be about any project, any yarn. We love it all! We’ll also host Zoom calls every other week. The times usually. alternate between a Saturday morning at 11am EST and a Sunday afternoon at 4pm EST although sometimes we do weekday nights. All of them are recorded if you would like to watch them later.
  • Help - What happens when you realize you’ve made a fatal knitting error and you simply cannot figure out how to fix it?! You need help or else the entire project may be tossed to the wayside never to be returned to again. We’ve come up with something really cool here for you to get the help you need, when you need it. If you’ve done our KALs before you might know Cheryl and Anne – our knitting guru/goddess/tech queens. In the Creative Knitters group, they’ll be helping you with any yarn/any project – not just made with Knit Collage yarn and patterns. You’ll sign up for a thirty minute time slot to zoom with one of them and get any kind of knitting help that you might need. We’re going to have a process for doing this through sign up genius that will be simple and easy for you to use. Think of it like your virtual knit helper when you need it. My hope is that this will get you finishing more projects with anxiety!


  • Creativity – We will be encouraging you to embrace your creativity and freedom of self-expression each and every week. How can you push yourself creatively? I imagine this will be through our example – what we’re knitting at Knit Collage but also through community and highlighting your incredible work. We may embrace stash busting/yarn mixing unofficial KALs and other fun projects the group feels moved by. Starting in August we’re kicking off a super informal and relaxed knitalong for any West Knits pattern – inspired in part by our conversation with him recently. I often talk about how knitting my Penguono – the sweater changed and freed my knitting for the better. It's a fun and incredibly creative one to tackle! We’ll be encouraging you to do the same through whatever West Knits project you choose – AND his patterns can be a little tricky – so you’ll have the help from Anne and Cheryl if you need it. I'll also be putting together Penguono specific tutorial videos within the vault for you.


  • VIP access + perks - The next thing and this is a big one – you’ll get early access to our knitalongs. In the past fall and spring KALs we sold out of some colors within minutes. You get two days early access to the KALs to make sure you get the exact color you want. This will give a leg up to make sure you get the colors you love. You’ll also get early access to other Knit Collage new releases – any new yarns, patterns and products that I don’t plan to always keep in stock as well as sale yarns. You will get first dibs. I’ll also surprise you with fun gift of yarn around the holidays. You also get loads of free patterns and small perks like free shipping from time to time!  


  • Monthly Credit - You’ll also get a $10 credit to use on the Knit Collage website every month. If you don’t use it one month, it will simply roll over to the next month. If you’re so inclined, you can save these all up to use towards our knitalongs.


  • MAYBE (hopefully) a live event – and this will be of course a separate cost is a live event. Not now, but hopefully in 2022 (I’m targeting March at a cute hotel in Vermont that I back in talks with after a 1.5 year pandemic hiatus!) We’ll be able to get together as a group and share what we love in a deeper way. Of course this is dependant on the current state of the pandemeic but fingers crossed, things are looking good!


Ok so that is it, I think I covered everything! The cost is $38 per month- a cost that increases each time we open registration because we keep adding more to what you get. We have more help sessions available, tons of videos and events planned. Registration will be open for one week only. The next time to be able to join may be in about 6 months from now – late January 2022. If we get a lot of interest right now we may not open it again for another year or so. This time around you have the option to sign up for a yearlong membership and save around $50 per year if you go that route.


Registration will open July 21st at  10am ET and stay open for one week, closing on July 28th Then the fun begins. Right when you join, you get access to that video vault and community. Our first welcoming zoom call will be the following weekend!

If you joined in our KALs or simply love yarn and knitting, I invite you to join me on a new, friend filled creative adventure. Let me in the comments if you have any questions and if there’s one aspect of the membership that interests you the most. I’d love to hear it!