Hi friends! It has been a crazy week to say the least. I hope you and your loved ones are all ok! Here in the Boston area, schools are closed and it feels like there is a ton of worry.  My kids will be home for the foreseeable future so I'm a little nervous about how we're all going to make do with work and learning but on the other hand, extra time together to just be and not do, do, do sounds kinda nice.


Truth be told, I am worried about how my small business is going to get through this - will people still want yarn and to knit during this time? I hope that answer is a resounding yes! Vanessa, who is our business operations manager and I had a trip to Maryland planned to visit our warehouse that was just cancelled. Our hope was to show you a little behind the scenes into what goes into packing up your yarn and kits. I've been in close contact with our warehouse. There are just two women that handle your yarn orders. Every precaution is being followed by the CDC and nobody sick would ever come into work. They are still working as normal, which means that your orders can ship out on time. From now through the end of our knitalong launch, I'm going to offer free shipping on the site up to $10 worldwide. There is no code needed - the discount will automatically be taken during checkout. 


As many of you know our knitalong is slated to go live in April, that is still on as schedule. Leading up to that, I thought it would be fun to host some virtual knit nights through a video zoom call. The census looks like Wednesday at 8pm EST could be good! I will send a link to our email subscribers on Wednesday and share or Instragram too! This feels like a good way to bring us together as makers. We may not be together but why not share about what is on our needles and hooks! I am really hoping this self isolation means way more knitting for me! I definitely have the stash to last me quite a while. 


I thought this might be a fun place to hightlight some of my favorite projects. Did you know we have SO MANY FREE PATTERNS and they are fantastic for beginners!


These are my favorites for those looking for a more intermediate pattern or sweater pattern:

The Snowcap Cardi pattern - works well with Sister or Spun Cloud yarn.

The Sunwoven Sweater - my forever favorite! We do have a lot of Sister in stock that you could swap out for Spun Cloud (we'll have more of that soon!).

For a more warm weather pattern, this amazing top! It's hard to get how great it is until you make it and wear it everywhere! The Diamond Crop Sweater.

The Art School Shawl - it's just ART and that good! Sometimes I throw mine over our couch and just use it as a decorative throw, because it's that pretty! 

There are just endless patterns more. I encourage you to peruse!

Thank you so much for tuning in and listening. I so incredibly appreciate your support and business during this time.