What a year. Thank you, each and everyone of you for supporting my little biz that means so incredibly much to me. Through my work on the podcast and the last knitalong, I've gotten really clear on what I want the mission of this business to be. I want the business to inspire people to embrace their creativity in whatever form that takes. At the core of that is embracing our individuality and our weird, unique selves. I want to create a community around that idea, that it's all good whoever you are and whatever you like to make. All forms of expression and creativity welcome. I think this comes from a deep seated feeling of never feeling like I ever felt like I could be put into a box. I always felt like some weird shade of grey, never fitting in completely anywhere. Now I love that and feel like the things that set me apart (my kooky interest in funky yarns) are truly my secret weapons. I hope to help everyone embrace this idea through my business. I also want to give back in the communities I work with and live in in a deeper way going forward. I have a lot of ideas running through my head on how to do this in a more tangible ways both here and in Ludhiana, India where we spin the yarn. So stay tuned for that. Below are just a few community photos that you shared on Instagram through #knitcollage. They are beyond amazing - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Please keep them coming. They fill me with joy to see and I know others within our community love it too!

Knit Collage Community Love