When I started this business 6 years ago I had no idea what path it would take me on.  I honestly and embarrassingly didn't think much about it. Looking back I think it was to challenge my own creativity and push that as far as I could. Without a doubt, I wanted the business to be a success too. These are both goals that I continue to strive for but something dawned on me last week as I sat down to work on my 2017 plans. I realized that a big part of why I have this business now is to inspire you (or anyone!) to embrace your creativity, teach you new things and to build a community of crafty lovers where all forms of self expression are welcomed. Creativity, making and being my weird, silly self are big parts of me, how I want to live my life and raise my kids. So it only makes sense that (hopefully) inspiring this in others is what excites me most about the future of Knit Collage, even if it's on a teeny scale.

 This year, so many of you have shared your projects on social media through the hashtag #knitcollage and I love each and every post. Through these posts, I feel this teeny community getting bigger and love how supportive you all are of each others work. If I'm ever having a stressful day full of accounting or some other yucky task, I'll pop over to Instagram to see what you've been making. It's the best medicine to bring me back to the why of all of this, because let's face it running a small business while raising 2 small kids is no joke! Today I'd like to thank you all for the tags and highlight a few of these gorgeous #knitcollage posts. Please keep tagging and posting! Lastly, I'd LOVE to hear what you'd like to see from me and my business in the new year - I have some big ideas like new how-to videos, knitalongs, patterns (tell me what you want!), yarns and more actual knitting events around Boston....instagram live (????) the list goes on. I'd so appreciate it if you take a minute to let me know your thoughts and thank you so much for an amazing 2016. I am so grateful!

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