Hi everyone! Today is a fun day. I've put together a little album of all of your Be Mine Sweaters in work and finished, over in our Facebook group. Take a peek here. I had so much fun working on all of these KAL designs and I so hope you enjoyed it too! Seeing them come to life in all of the different colorways was a blast but my favorite part was getting to know you a little bit better. Cheering each other on and forming our own little community has been so much fun. I hope we keep our Facebook group alive and going. It would be great to stay in touch that way! Check the link below to see all the Be Mine photos. If you don't see yours here, email me a pic and I'll include it! I'm still toying with the idea of making a little video of all of these as well. I also just want to say a huge thank you - I know there were mistakes made on my end and I really appreciate you all bearing with me and having smiles the whole way through. I learned a ton and know for next time how to make this experience much better. THANK YOU!

Be Mine Sweater Photo Gallery